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How are Custom RSC Boxes Made

regular slotted carton
Boxes are all around us. They hold new products in stores and warehouses. They are used to store things in people’s home. They are used to help people move from one home to another. The boxes that are all around are often taken for granted. People know they are there, but have no idea where they come from. The most commonly used boxes are the regular slotted cartons. These boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is interesting to find out how these boxes are made.

Custom RSC Boxes Cardboard

It is impossible to have a cardboard box without the cardboard. Cardboard consists of three parts. There is a flute. That is a piece of cardboard that has been folded repeatedly to form pleats. Two other pieces of cardboard paper are glued to the two sides of the flute. The result is a much stronger piece of what is known as corrugated cardboard. These pieces are flat sheets that can come in a variety of widths and lengths.

The strength of the cardboard that is made will also vary. It depends on the thickness of the paper that is used to make the papers and the flute. The thicker the paper, the stronger the cardboard will be. Once the cardboard is made, it is ready to be turned into the regular slotted cartons.

Making Custom RSC Boxes

The manufacturers will make the boxes that customers need. They will have standard sized boxes, but are also able to meet specific needs of their customers. The customer provides the dimensions and the shapes needed for the custom RSC boxes and the manufacturer sets up the die to do the work.

The sheets of cardboard will be cut to size and will have other cuts made to allow for folding the cardboard and creating the flaps. The cardboard is a flat sheet until it is folded together. There are two flaps on the top and the bottom of the cardboard that will meet in the middle to form the top and bottom of the box. These flaps can be sealed with glue or tape to complete the box.

Once the custom RSC boxes are completed, they are ready to either be shipped to the customer or they can have custom graphics added to them. The graphics can include any information that the customer thinks is important.

The great thing about these boxes is that they can have many lives. Whether they are used to store things in people’s home or if they are sent off to the recycling plant, the boxes will always live on.

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