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Why Invest In Custom RSC Cartons For Your Products

custom shipping RSC
Product packaging is an important aspect of marketing and establishing brand identity. Whether it is items you will have on store shelves or delivered to customers’ doorsteps, it is important to have presented in a suitable box. Regular slotted cartons (RSC) are the most popular type of product packaging for good reasons.

Corrugated Cardboard Construction

Corrugated cardboard is an excellent packaging material used in RSC cartons. It is lightweight yet sturdy, allowing for its easy use in boxing up products of various sizes and weights. Corrugated cardboard is also typically recyclable and reusable. At the end of their useful life, the boxes can be used to make new boxes. Given the growing interest in environmentally conscious products, it makes sense to get on board with the use of such eco-friendly products. It is also a biodegradable product that easily decomposes without polluting the environment.


One of the materials that go into making corrugated cardboard material for RSC boxes is recycled paper. This alongside sustainable wood materials helps to keep the manufacturing costs low. These savings are often passed on to businesses that can often easily afford to buy these packaging materials. These boxes are foldable and can be transported and stored in a flat state. This makes it easy to store in bulk as minimal space is required. Their lightweight design also means lower transport costs from the box manufacturer.


RSC boxes can be ordered in all manner of sizing configurations. This is important for businesses that need to have suitably sized boxes that can snugly fit products and whatever inserts that will be needed to keep them safe. Delicate items like electronics and crockery need a box that will not only hold their weight but also protect them from rough handling and conditions. When items are being transported, there are often moments where boxes are subjected to vibrations, bumps, and hits. The corrugated material of RSC cartons helps to safeguard the contents by absorbing impact without damaging contents.

Customization can also refer to the way these boxes can be used to promote the brand. Box manufacturers can include all kinds of graphics, artwork, writing, and more that will help make your brand more recognizable. You can opt to have these printed on the box or use labels. However, do keep in mind that certain types of printing inks can render the box unrecyclable. Work with your box manufacturer to establish how best to keep your boxes eco-friendly.

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