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RSC Cartons – Regular Slotted Containers

The most commonly used type of corrugated cartons are RSC cartons – aka regular slotted containers. So what makes these types of RSC shipper boxes so much more popular than the rest? RCS cartons make up around 50% of the packaging materials used for shipper boxes around the world.

RSC shipper boxes are cheap, efficient and strong – these boxes are manufactured with flaps of equal sizes – the two outer flaps meet perfectly along the center of the boxes width and the two other flaps are in direct proportion to the width and length of the box ratio to help provide additional stability and support.

The majority of this type of RSC cartons are supplied in a brownish / orange color – you know, that typical “cardboard box” color, although you can choose to have a different color if you prefer – you can even have your RSC cartons with white paint on the exterior of the container (although the inner is generally left brown) and have your company logo or something similar printed on the exterior of the box – a terrific marketing opportunity.

Corrugated paperboard is usually utilized for the structure of these types of RSC cartons for a number of reasons. Corrugated paperboard is relatively cheap to produce from readily available materials yet the manufacturing method ensures that these types of RSC shipper boxes are strong and durable. They are also incredibly cost effective both for the manufacturer to produce and for the customer to purchase – the savings in manufacture are of course passed on to the consumer.

RSC cartons can be used for the transportation of comparatively fragile goods if used with some sort of foam pad or filler. This can be placed between the inner flaps of the RSC shipper boxes to prevent the contents from rattling around inside the container and becoming damaged, or to separate a number of small individual items, which are to be shipped in one single container.

At Cactus Containers we can make RSC cartons and RSC shipper boxes to fit in perfectly with your requirements – our tailor made solutions ensuring that your goods can be packaged and shipped safely and securely. They can make this type of container in a variety of different materials to suit your needs and printed with your company logo, name, contents or message as required. These boxes can even be used as part of a visual display in store to really show off the products to their best advantage.

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