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Corrugated Cardboard Box – The Perfect One

There’s something about cardboard boxes, particularly a corrugated cardboard box, which makes them unique. Children from a very early age recognize the fact that cardboard boxes and corrugated containers of all types, shapes and sizes are far more fun and interesting than the gifts that were hidden within them. That’s why so much of their Christmas day is spent hiding in boxes, building castles and generally playing with the corrugated containers rather than the expensive gifts themselves – much to the irritation of the parents who will be working overtime for months to pay for the expensive gifts.

Children recognize the unique qualities of the corrugated cardboard box and at Cactus Containers we appreciate that . . . because we do too.

To us a corrugated cardboard box is much more than a storage device, it’s much more than a shipping container; it’s much more than a means of keeping items organized and in one place – in our world of corrugated containers we look upon each creation as a work of art.

It really does not matter about the style of container, the size, the shape, the design or the purpose of a cardboard box, visual display, box divider or foam insert – we can provide them all with real style, tailor made to suit the exact requirements of your product.

So what are the benefits of choosing a corrugated cardboard box in place of some other type of container?

  • Corrugated containers are incredibly light weight, which is a real bonus for anyone who has to move them around and helps to keep shipping costs down.
  • Corrugated containers are a surprisingly cost effective choice of container – the raw materials used in the construction are cheap and readily available, making them a very affordable option.
  • A corrugated cardboard box will be completely, absolutely and entirely recyclable – and that’s important to us and should be important to you too. We’ve all got to do our bit for the fragile planet you know.
  • A corrugated cardboard box makes the perfect storage, shipping and marketing tool for your company. They can be used to effectively raise brand awareness and can be printed with all types of text and graphics – a smart choice for advertizing that keeps on working for as long as the box is used, even for simple storage purposes.

Speak to us at Cactus Containers and we’ll certainly supply you with the perfect corrugated cardboard box – it’s what we do best.

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