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Cardboard Display Box – What Different Types Are There?

No matter how good a product is, it will not sell itself by simply sitting on a shelf – you’ve got to draw the attention of your customers to the products and help to bestow the virtues of each and every product or service. A cardboard display box could be the perfect way to attract the right type of attention and a pop cardboard display, aka point of purchase cardboard display, could be even more efficient at getting the job done and the product flying from the shelves.

There’s a great choice of cardboard display box to suit all different types of product or service.

  • Counter top displays can be either bought from stock in a large variety of sizes or custom made to suit a particular product, printed with any type of marketing material necessary for the product. Cactus Containers can provide you with both of these types of pop cardboard display – either plain and straight from stock or something a bit more custom made and specific to your product. This type of cardboard display box can be covered in print and marketing materials or just have a simple logo / tagline / image on the header.
  • Stand-up displays are another option and can really help to grab the attention of your customers – it only takes a simple glance for this type of cardboard display box to put your products or services squarely in the eyes of your customers and potential customers and a well placed stand-up display close to the point of purchase can help to “persuade” your customers that they really do need to add this product or service to their purchases for the day.

Whatever size or type of pop cardboard display or cardboard display box you need for your products or services you can be assured of a professional service from Cactus Containers. Not only can we provide you with everything you need to create a successful marketing campaign, we can also advise you about the best way to go about things. Stock counter top displays, printed counter top displays, custom designed counter top displays or stand alone displays can all help to make a big difference to your business and of course, your profits.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to promote CD’s, DVD’s, candy bars, knives, insurance policies or sunglasses – there’s a cardboard display box which can really help to get your message across.

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