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Packaging Fragile Products in a Custom Shipping Box

Custom shipping box
Let us go over a few ideas on fragile product packaging, in corrugated cardboard and chipboard packaging forms for high quantity of shipping boxes.

Custom Shipping Box for Fragile Items

If you are searching for ideas for light bulb packaging (or pretty much any other fragile package options), chipboard partitions may be a great solution. Chipboard partitions come in an array of thicknesses, and individually cradle every product you are shipping. They’re particularly helpful while packaging and shipping products with non-traditional shapes, or products which are heavy, but still fragile. They’ll ensure items will not slide around and hit each other, yet they additionally provide an ultra-organized, sleek appearance to the packaging.

Box Partitions

And best of all? They are very cost-effective, and they are designed from recyclable materials, which makes them an option that is excellent for both your wallet and Mother Earth!

Custom Shipping Box Abundant Sizes

Corrugated cardboard boxes include an additional excellent method of shipping bulkier, fragile individual products. As with the partitions, they’re available in various thicknesses, sizes, and shapes Also, they have many different options for closure, so you may be sure that no matter what you are shipping, your box will not come apart while in transit. Fan-like or fluting folds in between the corrugated cardboard layers, assist in ensuring further protection. In addition, the box’s folds typically interlock with each other and are secured using strong packing tape in order to ensure everything arrives within one piece.

Custom Shipping Box Material

A corrugated cardboard box is tested not merely for its resistance to being crushed, yet additionally for any unexpected weather it might encounter along their way to a customer’s door.

Make It Look Great

Now that you have some ideas about how you can keep your items safe, it is time that you direct your attention to the actual design and look of the packaging. Just because your products are of an odd shape or because you have ordered extra thick cardboard does not mean the packages cannot still be attractive. We suggest creating a customized box design which integrates your brand’s motto, logo, colors, and explains the benefits of the product.

Custom Shipping Box

Consider designing choices for both the exterior and interior of the custom shipping box, so that your party does not end once the customer opens their box up. For an added injection of cool, why not have a personalized touch? Jot your customer’s name on his/her box, or have a special quote from the product’s maker.

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