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The Many Uses of RSC Shipper Boxes

Custom shipping rsc box

Regular Slotted Cartons or RSC Shipper Boxes are commonly used by business owners who regularly ship items to their branches in various locations or to their customers. It also serves as an effective storage box for various items for both commercial and home use.

Considering its versatility, durability, and low cost, it is not surprising that a high volume of custom shipping boxes are being manufactured daily to supply the demand of the market. If you think that such boxes are only used for shipping and storage, you better think again. With a bit of creativity and patience, you can transform RSC Shipper Boxes into practical items that you can use in your home or serve your family.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Playhouse or Fort

If you have little kids, you can make them a playhouse or fort using new or used shipping boxes. The larger the box the better so your children and their playmates can fit comfortably inside. You just need a cutter, packing tape, decorating materials, and a little imagination and you are good to go. Make the process more memorable and exciting by involving your kids. Let them paint and decorate their playhouses. You can build several houses so they can have an entire “neighborhood” in the backyard. Call their friends over and you will not only be popular among your kids but to the other moms as well.

  • Desk Organizer

Trying to get things done on a cluttered desk or workspace is stressful. Working beside a pile of folders and documents can drain your energy and make you anxious. to address this problem, you can use an old shipper box as a desk organizer. Cover it with an elegant wallpaper or beautiful fabric and put cardboard partitions inside the box to separate your items. Let the appearance of your desk organizer express your personality.

  • Stylish and Modern Home Storage

Create a set of chic storage containers from RSC shipper boxes that you can also use as decorative pieces at home. Simply secure the boxes with packing tape to keep it in place and cover all of them with fabric in various designs and colors that will complement your home décor. Display as a set and use it to store magazines, books, and other items.

Beautiful and wonderful things are created if you just allow your creative juices to flow freely. By thinking outside the box, you will be surprised as to how a humble RSC shipper box can turn into something extraordinary.


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