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The Advantage of Regular Slotted Cartons

To some people a box is a box. It is something that is made out of cardboard that you can put stuff in. Some may overlook the intricacies of boxes, but businesses that rely on boxes to hold their products and to get them to consumers knows better. They take the time to learn about the different kinds of boxes and which one is the best for what they are trying to do.

One of the ways to do this is by comparing a regular slotted carton to a full overlap box. These are two of the most common types of boxes being used by businesses today.

The first comparison is the definition. RSC boxes are the boxes that have four panels on the top and the bottom of the box that meet in the middle. FOL boxes have four panels on the top and bottom that overlap and extend to the opposite side of the box.

What is the Difference

Both of the boxes sound similar and in many ways they are. They are both made out of cardboard and they can both come in just about any size. They are both the shape of a cube and will require some type of packaging material to keep whatever is placed inside from being damaged. They do differ in the strength of packaging they offer.

Regular slotted cartons are taped in the middle where the panels meet. The full overlap box is taped at the edges where the one panel meets the side of the box. Because there are two layers of cardboard on the top and bottom of the overlap box, it tends to be stronger than the regular slotted box.

Because the RSC boxes require less cardboard to make, they tend to be less expensive. Both boxes can be folded flat, but the slotted boxes will require less space in storage than the overlap boxes use. For some businesses this can be a very important difference.

Both boxes can be custom printed and both can be made out of different types of cardboard. The biggest advantage that the overlap boxes offer is protection. If a business is using boxes that do not have to be very sturdy and that do not need as much protection, it makes more sense to turn to the more economical regular slotted boxes. It is the choice that many businesses are making every day.

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