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Benefits of Using Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes

Heavy Duty Shipping Box
The importance of heavy duty shipping boxes is already quite clear because these boxes are the main storage or package for multiple heavy items that need to be shipped or delivered from point A to point B. These heavy duty shipping boxes were basically made from corrugated cardboard, a strong type of cardboard with fluted cardboard made on machines using flute lamination.

Everyone needs this kind of shipping boxes – both individuals and businesses – because a heavy duty box delivers lots of benefits. These benefits range from the shipping box’s quality to productivity, and to its Eco-friendliness.

Strength and Durability

There are different types of heavy duty shipping boxes – single wall shipping boxes, double wall shipping boxes, and triple wall shipping boxes. These types determine what kind of corrugated cardboard was used in creating these boxes. A single wall corrugated cardboard means that it consists of three layers of papers – top, bottom, and middle part. The middle part is the fluted cardboard, which means that this is the most crucial part, as this determines the strength of the cardboard.

The double wall corrugated cardboard consists of two layers of the single wall corrugated cardboard, while the triple wall corrugated cardboard consists of the three layers. So basically, the more layers or walls of corrugated cardboard the box was made of, the sturdier and the stronger it will be.

The single wall shipping boxes can already provide a strong container for heavy materials, items, and products. The double wall shipping boxes and triple wall shipping boxes can definitely handle heavyweight items that will ensure the safety and security of the items once in the process of shipping and delivery.

Ability to Carry Multiple Items

Because of the strong foundation and the quality of these heavy duty shipping boxes, these can also increase productivity. If these boxes are strong enough to carry multiple items without the fear of damages and defects, it is possible to ship multiple heavy items through these boxes, thus increasing the chances of delivering and shipping a lot of products in a single ride. This can also increase a brand’s sale.

Recycle, Up cycle, and Reuse at Home

These shipping boxes are primarily used for shipping, of course. However, that is not all! Because boxes are versatile and made from Eco-friendly materials, these can be recycled and reused. Given the description that these boxes are strong, these can be used as a storage box for different items at home or can be used as a container when moving to other places.

If reusing these boxes is not possible, cardboard can still be repurposed. When these boxes are dumped, these will be compressed and will undergo the hydro pulper that will turn the boxes into a slurry or pulp. This way, it can still be repurposed into a new fiber product or even paper.

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