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What Are the Benefits of a Custom RSC Box

Custom Size Regular Slotted Carton Shipping Box

The custom RSC box is the most common box style. It has a highly efficient design that can be used for many applications. In this design, all the flaps are of similar length. The outer flaps are usually one half of the containers width. This ensures that they meet at the center when the box is closed.

The RSC box is less expensive as it consumes less board. This has helped them gain immense popularity as a packaging solution. A high volume of RSC cartons is extensively used in several industries due to its many benefits.

Lightweight and Easy to Handle

The RSC boxes are lightweight and easy to handle. This attribute is usually a major requirement for end users when they are packing and moving the valuables from one place to other. When you choose custom shipping boxes for packaging you will be able to pack and ship a wide range of products and keep costs low.

Professional Look

The custom boxes can provide a professional look to your company. You can choose to print logo, address and contact number inside the box. This helps improve the visual appeal of the box. They can create a positive impression on the consumers.

The colorful designed box is more attractive than a plain brown packaging box.

The well designed and attractive boxes can help in branding and advertising at no extra cost. Marketing messages can be printed to target existing and new customers.

Sized to Order

When the boxes are too large for the products they hold, they may require added packaging material to prevent damage. The added paper consumption and weight can increase cost. By choosing custom boxes you can easily manage packaging and keep costs low.

One of the big benefits of choosing a custom box is that you can get any size you want that is the best fit for the products. This can help save money as the packaging material is customized as per your specific requirements. When the packaging fits the size of the product perfectly it can help safeguard it against any damage.

The high strength of these boxes make them suitable for both packing durable and non-durable products. The material they are made of is usually recyclable and this makes them environmental friendly. When comparted to other packaging solutions they are available in different styles and designs and you can easily customize them as per your specific requirements.

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