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What is Custom Packaging?

A knock on the door. You open the door to find a delivery has been made to your home. It’s the package you’ve been waiting for! You excitedly open the box only to discover the antique glass vase from your Aunt Lily is broken in three places. Not something anyone wants to see when expecting a package. There probably has been several times where you have received a package that arrived with a product inside that was damaged in some way. Either the box didn’t fit the product or the product wasn’t secured in the box properly. By customizing the packaging this situation needn’t have happened.

What is entailed in custom packaging? Custom packaging is all about the stability and strength of the box as well as protecting what’s inside. The first item you think of when packaging something is the box. Customize the box to appropriately fit your product. You wouldn’t put a bracelet in a box that would fit a television, right? This causes unnecessary costs and the bracelet would be banging around inside that huge space probably getting damaged. Think appropriate size. Having an appropriate sized box would include ensuring the box was a size adequate to place inserts in to secure your product from moving around. Custom box inserts are cut to exactly fit your product. Foam inserts cut to surround your product will keep it from jostling around while being shipped protecting it from damage. Other inserts to secure your product might be corner protectors or dividers. Each one helps protect what’s being shipped.

Another thing to think about when considering packaging is the correct tape. Using masking tape or the tape used for gift wrapping isn’t going to hold secure during shipping. A strong packing tape like poly-pro or PVC tape is recommended for holding your box together when facing the rigors of shipping. These two types of tapes can even be custom printed with your company information and/or logo. Shipping labels can also be customized with your company information and/or logo. Not only are these items functional they serve as excellent advertising for your company,

Remembering to use custom packaging can certainly save you from shipping disasters and disappointed customers. The cost of replacing the damaged product can ruin your business. Having the correctly fitting box, the stability of an appropriate insert and the right kind of tape and labels will keep both your bank account and the customer happy.

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