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Custom RSC Box Types

In the world of cardboard box manufacturing there are many terms that might sound foreign to the lay person. RSC is one such term. RSC stands for Regular Slotted Carton. Well, what exactly is that? A regular slotted carton is the most common type of box. The two outer flaps on top fold over so they meet in the middle of the box. This style box is highly efficient and has little manufacturing waste.

So, now that we are more familiar with the term RSC, what can we do to customize a RSC box? It would seem that any box known as the most common type of box would be able to be customized by adding anything to it. On the contrary, there are many ways to design a custom RSC box. The weight of the cardboard, for instance. Adding layers of cardboard will increase the strength of the box to handle heavier items. The size of the box is an obvious way to customize your RSC. Keep the size in proportion to your product.

Picking a type of RSC box will vary as to its use. There is a half-slotted box that has a top that can be removed. This type of box is excellent for storing items on a shelf where you might need to get to an item in the box occasionally. A double cover RSC box has covers on both ends. This type of box is ideal for very heavy items, like a refrigerator. There is no way to life a refrigerator out of a normal box with only one opening. The refrigerator is much easier to handle when it’s placed on a cover, has the body of the box lowered onto it and then has the other cover placed on top. Full overlap cartons have end flaps that fully overlap when folded closed. These boxes are extra strong to endure the rough handling often seen during the shipping process.

Besides the weight of the cardboard and the size of the box, printing can make the RSC box your own. Designing a custom printed RSC box can be a relatively easy process. Most companies have a logo already prepared and ready to print onto the box. Just add some eye catching colors and the logo and you have yourself one good-looking RSC! These once common boxes, now transformed into your own unique custom printed box, are sure to get your product noticed while performing the function they were designed to do.

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