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Custom Built Box and its Advantages

You can imagine receiving a package from FedEx or UPS and seeing a plain brown box. If you order a sizeable amount of products that are delivered this way you might not even know who it is from. You only know by looking at the return address label. But imagine seeing a custom built box delivered that had vibrant colors or a distinct logo on it. You would know instantly who that box was from!

There’s a distinct advantage in having your product’s packaging recognizable. It’s an excellent advertising tool. Not only is the customer who ordered the product able to recognize it, but every person who sees or comes in contact with the box also is now aware of your company. What a great way to get your name out there!

There are many ways to design a custom built box. It can be a custom shape designed around the shape of the product. The box could be the colors your company uses. Of course, the obvious customization is to print your logo on the package. Sometimes you might think of something totally not related to your product to bring attention to the box. Who can forget the Gateway cow boxes? Cows seemingly have nothing to do with the name Gateway or computer products, but there was no question what was in that cow colored box.

Not only can you customize the shipping box your product arrives in, you can customize a cardboard display box. The box used to present your products can enhance the product itself. Let’s say your product is an elegant pen set. The pen set could be packaged in a nondescript brown box. That doesn’t say “elegant” in any way, shape or form. But, imagine your elegant pen set packaged in cardboard with a high gloss laminate film applied that is a rich, deep color with an elegant script initial of your company on the top and closed with a Velcro attachment. Which pen set would you rather receive? A richly designed display box will say quality to the customer.

It is so easy to put something in a regular brown cardboard box. Why not show your customers the pride you have in your product with a custom built box or cardboard display box? You will see an increase in your product recognition as well as your bottom line. Isn’t that one advantage you don’t want to miss?

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