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Counter Top Display

Nothing brings as much attention to your product or service as a counter top display. Mothers of small children can attest to this as their children clamor for candy and gum at the display racks at the grocery store checkouts. These displays are called a point of purchase (POP) displays. How you design your point of purchase display can either increase your sales or just make it another display the customer walks by. Many times this is the only chance you’ll have to attract someone to your product or service. An eye popping counter top display is a must to get your product recognized.

The design you choose for your POP display should have the name of the product or service and any information you deem important to the customer. Colors are important for visual appeal. If it’s a new product, you might want the word “new” to be printed to stand out from the rest of the design to catch the eye of the customer. Perhaps it’s a product for cats. The back of the display box might show a picture or cartoon of a cat. A product for hand lotion might have die cut hands incorporated into the design. You get the idea. Draw the consumer’s attention to your product. But caution should be used to not overdo the graphics as a too busy design might overwhelm and confuse the consumer. You could lose a sale.

Many counter top displays hold numerous products, such as packages of gum or candy bars. Shipper displays fall into this category of display box. Others hold brochures or pamphlets for a service provided by a company. Larger products might require a stand up display box. And there are others that hold just one product. These single product display boxes, just as multiple product display boxes can be made any size from different thicknesses of cardboard depending on the product. They can be as imaginative and colorful as you want to promote your product. The display box can be die cut around the product it holds. High glass laminate film can be added to your customized display box for a high end look.

There are many options to consider when designing a counter top display box. Consulting with a great design team will get you the look you envision. Creating a WOW! display will increase your bottom line.

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