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Creative Custom Printed Boxes

If you think the box you package your product or other items in is just a box, you are misisng out on a great marketing tool. The box that you ship to a potential client could change their impression of your business. Custom printed boxes not only show your creativity, but allows the client see just how serious you are about the potential deal, and your business. You want your company to stick out above the rest, and a custom box could do just that.

There are pre-printed boxes that you can purchase, which make your packaging seem a little more festive. If you choose a printed box that has been pre-designed, you typically do not have the option to choose the colors and design of the box. If you want to make your box represent your company, you should have it customized. Here are some basics that you will need to know when you order custom boxes:

  • Be creative, because visual appeal is everything.
  • Make sure your text is concise.
  • Use clear graphics.
  • Choose an image that represents your company.

There are templates that you can choose from when you customize your package. The templates may be pre-designed, but the wording and logos you add to your package will make it one-of-a-kind. The package should represent your company, so make sure you choose a design and message that will speak for you.

Once your packaged item is on a shelf, it is there. Try choosing designs and wording that you will not want to change. Even though you have the right to redesign your boxes, you want the world to become familiar with your company and brand. Constantly changing the look of your package will confuse customers and clients. When your package arrives through the mail, or when customers go looking for you on the department store shelf, you want them to recognize your box.

You can customize your box with a variety of colors. These boxes also come in various shapes and sizes. Some of the boxes you can choose from include:

  • Display boxes
  • Die cut boxes
  • Cosmetic boxes
  • Bin boxes
  • Gable boxes
  • Cube boxes

You will be able to view samples of what your box will look like before you place an order. Remember that you want your package to be a huge success with clients. If your box is dull, it may remain on the shelf. A creative custom printed box could attract customers, which is great for your business!

Contact Cactus Corrugated Containers Inc today and we can start working on your custom printed boxes. When you want creative, you want Cactus!

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