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Why Use Corrugated POP Displays For Your Next Product Launch

Custom Counter-Top Shipper Displays
The retail market is highly competitive. Whatever product you intend to release, there are probably several other variants of similar quality on the shelves. It can be difficult to carve out a niche unless you find a way to distinguish your product.

Corrugated pop displays are a great way to achieve this. When well positioned in stores, they can be very useful in attracting customers that may buy the product. Here is why you should make their use a part of your early marketing efforts.

Corrugated POP displays capture attention

Drawing attention to a new product can be hard. As said, there are often other similar competing products on the shelves that people are accustomed to buying. However, with colorful counter top display units, it becomes possible to get them interested in the new offering. Capturing the attention and interest of shoppers is the first step in building your own market share.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Having a colorful and vibrant display tailored for the target clientele is vital. When undertaking such marketing efforts, you need to consider what your target market finds appealing and incorporate this into the design of the counter top display units. For instance, flashing lights and cartoon imagery will work better on younger kids’ toy displays than perfumes targeted at older women.

The design should also make your product appear distinct from the competition. Whatever choice of colors and other features should not cause confusion with other products. Giving a unique showing is important in trying to make your product appear fresh and distinct.

Corrugated POP displays Hype

It is good to build an air of excitement around a new product. This helps to get people interested in trying it out, even if just once. This is why vibrant displays are more successful than sedate ones. Even when targeting an adult audience, you still need to ensure their interest has been aroused to tempt them into making that first purchase or picking a sample.

Inform The Public

Besides exciting the audience, the corrugated pop displays should also impart knowledge. People need to be able to gain good insight into what the product is about from just a glance. From the use of imagery to taglines, it should be clear what the product is named and its purpose. This is the basic information that should be easily indicated on the display. You can add more detailed information like ingredients and address of the manufacturer on the product packaging itself.

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