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Alluring Cardboard Corrugated Displays

corrugated display box

Box Type: Counter Top Display box with a side brochure holder.

Corrugated display boxes have become a great way for businesses to promote their products. When strategically placed and well-designed, they can easily draw the attention of shoppers and tempt them to pick up an item displayed. This is what you want as this trying out a product is what can inspire them to buy it repeatedly. A challenge when you consider that you are already likely to be competing against older and already popular brands. So what can you do to better capture the attention and interest of shoppers? Here are a few handy design tips for your cardboard corrugated displays. 

Understand Your Target Audience 

Different types of shoppers will be attracted to different kinds of designs. This can be related to their gender, age, or even just how they would perceive the particular product. For instance, when trying to market a milk product, white colors will often need to be prominently used to attest to the purity of the product. On the other hand, when it comes to snack items for kids, more playful and colorful tones should be used, with the cardboard corrugated displays positioned at a lower level where they can capture the eye of children. It is important to have a good understanding of what different designs features will appeal to your target audience.  


Knowing where and how best to display your items is also key. As said, products targeting children should be displayed where they can easily see them. Placing them on high counters can mean losing out on your target market. Floor showcase displays are larger and as the name indicates will sit on the floor. They are ideal where you want to display your products in a more isolated location, away from the competition. Countertop displays are also good when targeting the more mature shopper who will be the one to pay at the counter. It is best for small items like cigarettes and candy. Endcap displays are usually placed at the end of aisles. They are also good where you want to display your offering away from the competition as it imparts a stronger presence.  

Incorporate Artwork 

Your corrugated display boxes should do more than just be a shelf for products you want to promote. Their design should include artwork that tallies with your brand image and the impression you want to make with shoppers. An aesthetic appeal will have a strong impact on the success of these displays so definitely consider incorporating some graphics, imagery, or other visually appealing artwork to complement your product and draw the avid attention of shoppers. 


Use a Cardboard Display Box to Present Your Product

Cardboard Display Box

Finding a great cardboard display box is important for getting your products noticed while keeping them organized, especially when arranging small displays on a counter or tabletop. These displays can be extremely beneficial to your overall marketing strategy. Find out how to get the most out of your corrugated display boxes when organizing your products.

Create a Great First Impression

A retail display for your corrugated display boxes can draw the interest and attention of potential buyers who may have otherwise walked past your display. To get the best first impression, try to place your displays at the front of the store near the entrance. You should also consider taking your product out of its original packaging so that customers can get the best possible look at it. Depending on the cost of your item, you may want to have an attendant manning your cardboard display box in order to ensure that your products stay safe.

Use Your Corrugated Display Boxes to Create a Break

If you have your own retail store, corrugated display boxes can be a great way to provide a break for your customer in long aisles of products. By placing an attention-grabbing or striking cardboard display box within the middle of an aisle, you can provide a visual break while reminding your customers about the product and a potential special offer that they could have seen earlier in their shopping experience.

Choose a U-Shaped Display

Many business owners have learned the importance of choosing a U-shaped design when creating a product display. Think about it – a simple table is easy to walk by, and your customers may barely look at your products before moving on. A display that is U-shaped will hold your customers for a longer period of time, as people tend to respond to this design by subconsciously moving into the circle. A U-shaped partial wall for your display could be a great option to gain more attention.

Lead Your Customers

Your displays should also be used to lead your customers somewhere. This could be in the aisle where the products are actually displayed, or it could be to an attendant that is prepared to interact with the products to show customers how they work.

The fact that you are attempting to find a creative way to present your product to your customers says a lot about your business. A cardboard display box is a great method for presenting your product in a unique way, and you’ll be sure to get your items noticed.

How to Use Corrugated Display Boxes

Retail stores that are successful are able to do many things well. They are able to provide people with the products that they want. They are able to sell them at the right price. They provide the service that customers are looking for. On top of all that, successful stores know how to get the most from every person that walks through their doors. One of the ways they do that is by using cardboard displays.

The displays are designed to attract a customer’s attention. They are supposed to make a person want to buy something that they may not have been thinking about. Cardboard displays can be used inside or outside of the store. They can be used to advertise a specific product or they can be used to advertise something else for a business.

It is not enough to have the displays if a business wants to be successful. They also have to be used in the right way to build business for the businesses. It is important that a business considers the place where the display will be used and what they want to achieve with the display. Once they understand those two things they can figure out exactly how they can use them.

If a display is going to be used for an extended period of time and if it needs to be sturdy, the use of corrugated display boxes may be appropriate. These are stronger and able to hold products in a very appealing way.

The material used for the displays will depend on where it is placed. If it is in a high traffic area or exposed to the weather outside, the material needs to be something that will be able to hold up under those conditions.

The graphics in the display are also very important. Corrugated display boxes can be a canvas that will excite the customers that see it. Graphics on the boxes should be bright and easy to read. They should deliver a message that can be understood quickly. The displays that are used are supposed to get people to buy something that they may not have thought about before they came into the store. The displays need to convey the message that allows customers to learn about what is offered, but more importantly, it should make them realize that they need to have it. It is not always easy to do, but the successful retail stores are able to accomplish it.

Corrugated Display Boxes can Enhance your Product

Imagine a line of customers standing at a cash register or looking at merchandise on a counter. There are many items in each location for customers to choose from. How do you make your merchandise stand out? Can you have a display box that will enhance the product and not make it fade into the background? Can your display box be sturdy enough to protect the product and still catch the eye of the customer? If you’ve had any of these questions cross your mind, there is a simple solution: a custom printed display box.

Display boxes come in many shapes and sizes, from small boxes that can fit in the display racks in the grocery store check-out aisle to large boxes for holding an entire product line. An eye catching box will be one that you have custom printed with your design ideas. There are many colors to think of when selecting the one to give your product that “WOW!” factor. Try to find of a color that compliments your products and stands out. Your logo and artwork will complete the design part of the box.

To ensure the strength of durability of your display box, opt for a corrugated box. What exactly is a corrugated box? Corrugated display boxes are boxes made up of two layers of cardboard with a fluted layer of cardboard between them. According to Wikipedia, 95% of all products shipped in the U.S. are shipped in corrugated boxes. The strength of the boxes makes them the best choice when stacking products.

Corrugated boxes can be designed to fit the size of the product display needed. Many companies send samples of their products to make sure the box is designed to fit the product it will be holding. There are many types of specialty boxes. For instance, a custom printed display box can be made with a built-in hanging rod for items that need to be on hangers. Corrugated display boxes can be made with cell dividers to handle smaller merchandise. There are double-wall corrugated display boxes that will protect and display fragile items or items filled with a liquid. Custom shaped boxes can also be designed for you if your product needs a shape other than square or rectangle.

As you can see, there is much more to a custom printed display box that just a square box. By adding your custom design to the box, ensuring a proper fit and shape, and the durability of the box, there’s a lot to think about.

Think outside the box to get the perfect box!