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Corrugated Display Boxes can Enhance your Product

Imagine a line of customers standing at a cash register or looking at merchandise on a counter. There are many items in each location for customers to choose from. How do you make your merchandise stand out? Can you have a display box that will enhance the product and not make it fade into the background? Can your display box be sturdy enough to protect the product and still catch the eye of the customer? If you’ve had any of these questions cross your mind, there is a simple solution: a custom printed display box.

Display boxes come in many shapes and sizes, from small boxes that can fit in the display racks in the grocery store check-out aisle to large boxes for holding an entire product line. An eye catching box will be one that you have custom printed with your design ideas. There are many colors to think of when selecting the one to give your product that “WOW!” factor. Try to find of a color that compliments your products and stands out. Your logo and artwork will complete the design part of the box.

To ensure the strength of durability of your display box, opt for a corrugated box. What exactly is a corrugated box? Corrugated display boxes are boxes made up of two layers of cardboard with a fluted layer of cardboard between them. According to Wikipedia, 95% of all products shipped in the U.S. are shipped in corrugated boxes. The strength of the boxes makes them the best choice when stacking products.

Corrugated boxes can be designed to fit the size of the product display needed. Many companies send samples of their products to make sure the box is designed to fit the product it will be holding. There are many types of specialty boxes. For instance, a custom printed display box can be made with a built-in hanging rod for items that need to be on hangers. Corrugated display boxes can be made with cell dividers to handle smaller merchandise. There are double-wall corrugated display boxes that will protect and display fragile items or items filled with a liquid. Custom shaped boxes can also be designed for you if your product needs a shape other than square or rectangle.

As you can see, there is much more to a custom printed display box that just a square box. By adding your custom design to the box, ensuring a proper fit and shape, and the durability of the box, there’s a lot to think about.

Think outside the box to get the perfect box!

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