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Eye-Popping Cardboard Display

Whether you are displaying your product at a trade show or at the marketplace, you will need to find a way to present it so it will grab a potential customer’s attention. It does no good to have a product display that blends into the background. All you need to create an eye-popping cardboard display is some imagination and a good designer to assist you.

Cardboard displays can be small, to hold a single item, or large enough to hold an entire product line. One of the most familiar cardboard displays might be the displays in which candy and gum are displayed at the checkout line. Usually the box has the logo on it and that’s about it. You probably notice the products in the box and can’t even remember what the box looked like. Another type of cardboard display is a display you might find at the end of an aisle at the grocery store. The display might be around 4 feet tall and have some artwork on it to grab your attention. These displays have more pizazz to them and have a better chance at attracting a potential consumer.

Many times, color plays a role in what makes a display stand out. Imagine your product has white packaging. Think about what would make that color more visible. A dark color, like navy blue or emerald green, would make it stand out. A pale shade like baby blue wouldn’t allow the white packaging to pop. Choose your coloring wisely. Another factor is the logo or artwork. The logo or artwork that is printed onto your cardboard display should tell the consumer what the product is, while not overwhelming them with too much information. Sometimes less is more.

Besides a box type of cardboard display, there are cardboard POP displays. These displays usually have shelves or vertical slots on which products are displayed. With a cardboard pop display you can really use your imagination! If your product is balloons, perhaps the cardboard pop display could be in the shape of a clown. Or if you are selling bird supplies, the pop display could be a in the shape of a tree. If the product is endorsed by a celebrity, a life sized image of that celebrity on the pop display has been known to attract a lot of attention.

Come up with the right combination of color, size and artwork on your cardboard pop display and you’ll soon have the kind of eye-popping display that will attract customers to your product.

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