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Design for Your Cardboard Display Boxes

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Do you have a new product that you are ready to set up in a retail store? If so, you’ll need an eye-catching strategy to draw attention to it and make it stand apart from the competition. Cardboard display boxes may be just the solution that you are looking for, as long as they have the right design. Keep these tips in mind when choosing a design for your upcoming display.

Ensure Text and Labels Are Easy to Read

Any text or labels that you include on your display boxes need to be readable and legible. This will likely be the first experience that your customer has with this product, so they’ll want to fully understand what it is before they make a purchase. While a fancy script might look nice, it might not be the easiest thing for everyone to read, so spend some time considering the font size and style that will work best for your display.

Use Images Wisely

Effective packaging designs often include images, and the same can be said about display boxes. The picture that you choose should capture the attention of customers, and whether you are choosing a picture of the actual product, a cartoon character, or any other image, you should be sure that the resolution is high to provide a crisp picture.

Improved Convenience

A good custom printed display box will be convenient for both your customers and the retail location. These boxes will help to keep your item organized and in one place, which is especially beneficial for small items. Make sure that your display box is able to effectively hold your items to keep them in order while also displaying them adequately.

Be Creative – To an Extent

If your cardboard display looks the same as every other display in a store, chances are slim that you will get the attention that you are looking for. In fact, the same thing is true with your actual product packaging. It is important that you use your creativity to come up with a design that is special and unique. However, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t go overboard with your creativity – an item that is difficult to open or confusing to your customers isn’t likely to be purchased.

A cardboard display box can be extremely beneficial to marketing your new product. By considering the design scheme wisely, you can get the most out of this advertising and organizational tool.

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