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Designing a Custom Printed Display Box

custom countertop shipper displays

Many people look at a cardboard box and do not see much. It is typically brown in color and very plain. It might have a simple message printed on it, such as this end up or fragile, but nothing else. The businesses that leave their cardboard boxes plain are missing out on a great opportunity. It is not hard to create a custom printed display box. The impact of what is printed on a box can help a business or product become more successful.

The key is figuring out what to have printed on the box. It can be an elaborate design that includes graphics and many different colors. It can be a simpler message that is printed in a single color. It is up to the business to decide what they want printed on their box. In order to do that, they have to spend some time designing their cardboard display box.

The Purpose of the Design

When starting the design, it is best to think about the purpose of the design and the box it will be on. If the purpose of the design is to help build brand awareness, the name of the product or business will need to be prominently displayed on the box. A logo may also be a good idea to help build the awareness of the brand.

If the box is to be a custom printed display box, information about the product it holds or the box’s purpose will have to be included. It should be eye-catching so that people take the time to see what is on display in the box. These display boxes will typically benefit from the use of color and images in their design.

Creating the Design

Once the purpose of the box is decided upon, a graphic designer can be used to help bring the design to life. The images, brand names and everything else can be created and developed to fit the needs of the customers. At this stage, it is a good idea to go back to the purpose of the box and make sure that all of the graphics can fulfill the purpose.

When creating the design for a cardboard display box, it is a good idea to think about the costs of the design. While the display boxes are meant to last longer and to do more things than a typical cardboard box, they should not cost more than is needed. The more intricate the graphic design is, the more it will cost to put on a box. Forgetting about this could be a problem that ‘s hard to overcome.

The use of designs on display boxes is a very good idea, but time should be taken to make sure that it is done the right way.

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