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Why A Wholesale Counter Display Boost Sales

counter top display
Counter displays are a great way of drawing the attention of people. Whether it is to have them pick a product sample or a brochure, they easily draw people in. With an eye-catching design and good placement, you can achieve your goal without having to hire a salesperson to attend to customers directly. Let’s look at why investing in wholesale counter displays makes sense for your business

Wholesale counter display discounts

Like many other box products, ordering wholesale counter displays comes at a discount. This is because wholesale quantities are larger and attract a smaller price per unit. These discounts can be quite considerable making this investment low cost and highly profitable. This is on top of the fact that display boxes are an already fairly cheap marketing tool.

No Staffing

As mentioned, when you have a wholesale counter display attracting the attention of your target clientele, there is no need to have a salesperson on hand. You can even have simple instructions on the display to guide people on how to pick a sample or brochure. Providing some little guidance can encourage people to pick what you are offering. Without the need for additional human assistance, as with other marketing efforts, you can save a bundle and get a higher return on this investment.

Wholesale counter display ease set up

Like many other boxes, a wholesale display box will often come in a flat design when delivered from the manufacturer. Being flat makes it easy to transport the boxes, not just from the manufacturer, but also to the final destination where they will be assembled for use. These displays usually have a simple pop-up design that makes it easy to set up.

The flat-pack design means lower shipping costs as less space is taken up in the vehicle. It also means easier storage, especially if you have ordered a bulk quantity that you will not entirely deploy when delivered.


Display boxes can be customized to a variety of colors, graphics, shapes, and sizes. They can be small enough to sit on a counter. Or large enough to be standalone like a booth. This versatility means there is a lot of flexibility that can be applied in their design. You can customize for use in just about any setting you think will provide the most exposure. This provides ample room for creativity in making the displays attention-grabbing and able to better promote your product or cause.

How Strong Are Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes

If you need the muscle power to contain and ship extremely heavy items, believe it or not, a box can be indestructible. This is not the average shipping weight but rather a starting weight of 200 lbs all the way up to 1,500 lbs. It is shocking, but true. Put a Cactus Container heavy duty shipping box to the test and watch it not split on the side, crush at the top, or collapse inwardly. For industrial extra strength, choose heavy duty shipping boxes.

They’re heavy duty because of how the walls are constructed. Look closer at the walls, and you’ll see that it is not the typical single corrugated layer. They’re built with two corrugated layers. In other words, they’re called a double wall box.

A double wall box is packed with twice the strength with a weight capacity of 200 lbs! Double wall boxes are designed for hard work able to withstand unusual strain. Its walls are strong and thick able to resist rugged movement and jolts. To save shipping space, pile them on top of one another without worries. Double wall shipping boxes have the extra stacking strength needed for heavy items such as appliances or multiple bulk items.

High density items such as small motors, compressors, machineries require something more robust and durable. These items can weigh as much as 1,000 lbs to 1,500 lbs and can still be shipped in boxes. Again, the secret is in the walls. This time, the layers are tripled. Hence the name, triple wall box.

Triple wall boxes have the strength of plywood, yet they are much cheaper in cost. Tri wall boxes are designed for industrial heavy work. Its maximum stacking strength keep the products safe, protected and intact. Because it is still made out of corrugated material, you have the flexibility to choose the correct size, or order a customized size through Cactus Container. Unlike other shipping materials that are not as easily manipulated, triple wall shipping boxes can be conveniently layed flat and shipped in bundles.

Simply put, heavy duty shipping boxes are ideal for your extremely heavy items. Choose from the double wall boxes to triple wall boxes, depending on the product weight. Take advantage of the maximum stacking strength it provides and ship your items with an ease of mind.

Setup Box

When consumers walk down the shopping aisles, many products are laid out before them. Some blend in with the crowd, while others pop out and capture their attention. Many roles come into play such as product recognition, colors, shelf location, and product packaging. Emphasize to consumers that what they’re getting is the best of the best by incorporating setup boxes atop retailer shelves.

A setup box or rigid box adds a sense of value. When you have high-end 1products such as cosmetics, specialty wine, jewelry, electronics, you will want to complement what is inside is just as fancy as what is outside. When great detail and effort is implemented for the setup box, its interior content is perceived as just as important.

A fancy box is a beautiful package in itself. Its walls are strong, with high quality plain or printed paper wrapped around outside. Its glossy or matte flat paper finish is smooth to the touch. The 4 color graphics image and text are aesthetically pleasing. Embossed and foil stamp text add that special final touch to these fancy boxes.

The box shape and cut involves a lot of great details. The lid on top may open and close partially by using special bonding glue, paper or ribbon hinges. A box can encase another interior box; opening and closing just like dresser drawers. The drawers may have another fancy box detail by placing pull tabs or magnets onto the drawers.

Each box is custom made for each unique product. Each custom setup box dimension is precise to each merchandise. It may be tiny, triangular, star, or round but the products are encased perfectly. Custom setup boxescan be created to be a staging prop. Also, interior inserts can be part of the complete final stage package.

Finalize your top of the line products by incorporating setup boxes through Cactus Container. Stage and highlight your product. Compliment your merchandise with rich, smooth high-quality boxes. Design and build your custom setup box with Cactus Container. They can help you run quotes, fulfill on time deadlines, and answer any other questions you may have.

Benefits of Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes

Very heavy items for transport require very strong corrugated shipping boxes to contain them. We’re talking about machinery, engines, appliances, or tools that are not the typical lightweight, yet it still needs to get to its destination. Heavy weights need the punching strength of heavy duty shipping boxes.

Consider the weight of each product. They are so heavy and bulky, a pallet jack or forklift must lift these items. With the weight comes the extra strength that is needed to be in its own container. If you choose a typical moving box, there is a chance the box will break even before it arrives to its destination. It will not pad or protect your product. In fact, the product itself may get damaged, just by using the wrong type of box.

So with the heavy weight, consider heavy duty shipping boxes. They’re built exactly for these kinds of shipments. They are extra strong and will not burst open. They are robust and sturdy, able to handle, protect and contain the massive weights.

These shipping boxes are so strong that if they need to be stored, they are also stackable. They will not collapse, or cave in inwardly because the corrugated walls are built two to three times thicker. When looking for a heavy duty shipping box, be sure to get double wall boxes or triple wall boxes from Cactus Container.

A double wall box is packed with twice the strength with a weight capacity of 200 lbs.! Double wall boxes are designed for hard work able to withstand unusual strain. Its walls are strong and thick able to resist rugged movement and jolts. To save shipping space, pile them on top of one another without worries. They have the extra stacking strength needed for heavy items such as appliances or multiple bulk items.


Triple wall boxes have the strength of plywood, yet they are much cheaper in cost.Tri wall boxes are designed for industrial heavy work. Its maximum stacking strength keep the products safe, protected and intact. Because it is still made out of corrugated material, you have the flexibility to choose the correct size, or order a customized size through Cactus Container. Unlike other shipping materials that are not as easily manipulated, a tri wall box can be conveniently laid flat and shipped in bundles.

The boxing ring bell has rung. For heavy bulky items, automatically choose the heavy weight champion. Choose heavy duty shipping boxes. It will get the job done without worries of faint walls, breakage or knockouts.

Cardboard Cartons – What Lies in their Future?

Cardboard are specific type of boxes that are mainly used for goods and material packaging. They are sometimes known as cartons as well. The term cardboard is used for a great variety of heavy paper-type materials such as paperboard, card stock and corrugated fiberboard. It has been more than one and a half centuries since the industry is using cardboard cartons for packaging. The packaging specialists often advise people to select the rightcardboard box based on the type of goods to be transferred.

The cardboard cartons which are prefabricated in a way that they can be assembled easily were discovered in the year of 1890 and still in demand amongst businesses today. Cardboard containers are used for a wide array of purposes; from storage to shipping containers. With the passage of time, the import and export of goods have increased tremendously. Today, advanced technology and tools are used for packaging and shipping the goods.

Cardboard packaging for electrical components has to be different from the packaging of liquids. And this is when you need an expert’s assistance. The cardboard manufacturers can help you fulfill your packaging needs and requirements. The usage of non-recyclable goods is decreasing gradually and manufacturers are giving more focus on Eco-friendly packaging. Businesses and individuals are becoming aware of their responsibilities towards nature and thus they are approaching to greener packaging.

If you want to fulfill your packaging and storing requirements but at the same time don’t want to create any harm to the environment, you ought to use cartons that can be recycled easily. Cardboard cartons are made up of 100% recyclable material, so they can be reused after a specific process which in turn reduces the cost of cardboard boxes. There are many designers who create artistic as well as useful boxes from recycled cardboard items; it can be cartons, furniture or anything made from cardboard.

Eco-friendly production and packaging is becoming widespread in the global market. Cardboard’s recycling property showcases that the product is yet to stay there in the market for another century or perhaps more than that.Corrugated cartons are widely used for safe, scratch and quick shifting of goods, be it for business or personal needs. For all packers and movers, Cardboard boxes are an inevitable choice.

Unlike other types of boxes, corrugated boxes don’t get disfigured when loaded entirely with the goods. Several container manufacturers specialize in designing custom boxes, ranging from simple slotted to complex die-cut designs. Set up boxes, folding cartons, software boxes, fiber tubes are a few of the examples of the corrugated custom boxes. If you are looking for a secure and economical packaging option, you need not to look further. Corrugated containers are the right selection. The future of corrugate packaging is set to go higher and higher.

Top 7 Benefits of Choosing Corrugated Boxes for Shipping

Corrugated boxes also known as cardboard boxes are industrially prefabricated cartons and they are widely used as a packaging material. If you want to relocate some goods, be it commercial or personal, corrugated boxes are inevitable. However if you don’t want to follow the crowd and want some logical reasons to agree with my claim, here are the top 7 benefits of selecting corrugated cartons for shipping goods:

1. Very Light in Weight
Lightness is the major advantage of choosing corrugated containers for shipping goods. Due to light weight, they can be easily carried, shipped and transported. So, you won’t require mechanical tools to carry corrugated boxes.

2. Strong and Sturdy
These kinds of boxes are durable and strong, so it is rare that the packaged items will get damaged during transportation. Corrugated is a type of cardboard material which drives on structural rigidity and fine cushioning ability. So, they can cope up well with the heavy weight good as well. Moreover, they have good burst, tear, and tensile strength that make them a perfect option for the long distance shipping.

3. Malleability
These boxes can be hammered, re-shaped and cut easily and quickly. Thus, the packaging designers find it easy to create a wide range of corrugated boxes that vary in shape and size. Many manufacturing companies are offering a custom corrugated box designing service today. The major techniques adapted to make the boxes look appealing graphically are flexography and lithography.

4. Cost-effective
This is another major benefit of selecting these boxes in shipment packaging. Typically, they are purchased in bulk and you can find them easily at a retail price. These boxes are available in plentiful and supplied throughout the years by the vendors. Corrugated containers come at a highly cheap price.

5. Nature-Friendly
Corrugated material is recyclable so they can be reused and reshaped after a specific recycling process. Using these boxes for shipping and storage, not just make you contribute to the environment but may make your business a part of ‘Greener Economy’. Moreover, the materials used in manufacturing corrugated cartons are organic material and any harmful chemical isn’t being used in its making. Recycled boxes are available at extremely cheap prices which make it ideal for packaging needs.

6. No Pointed Corners
These boxes are not having sharp edges so you will not get pinched while arranging them in the shipment carrier or in the storage house. Also, you can easily create a pile of boxes without getting tensed about the damage.

7. Easy Labeling!
These shipping boxes boast of smooth surfaces meaning you can easily print stickers and labels on it. There are many stores selling printed shipping boxes these days, as it has turned out as an effective branding strategy for businesses.

Top 5 Things to Consider While Selecting Shipping Box Supplier

Moving to your new home? Changing your office? Or want to ship your products to another place? When the point is of goods (any commercial or non-commercial items) moving and shipping, corrugated boxes are a must. One of the obvious reasons of packaging the items in cardboard boxes is to protect them from the possible damages during the shipping or shifting process.

Frequent manhandling during the relocation process increases the chances of breakage in items. So, when the next time you relocate or send items to another place, shipping boxes should be the first thing to hit your mind. This approach will not only reduce the chances of damage, but if you are a business then it will improve your reputation in the market.

Following are the top 5 things to consider while choosing a shipping box supplier:

  1. CostCertainly, cost is the utmost important thing to consider while selecting a moving box supplier company. Cardboard boxes are available in many different styles, shape and sizes. The price too varies accordingly from one company to another. You first need to look around in the market to find a reliable company like Cactus Containers for example.You can easily compare the prices of different corrugated boxes provider companies online and seal the best deal. Cactus Containers offers great discounts and bargains.
  2. StrengthDurability of the transport boxes is an essential point to consider. Some online businesses sell cardboard boxes at the cheapest rates as their products lack in quality. You must ensure that the boxes you purchase are capable to bear up the repeated manhandling that generally takes place in every shipping process.Sturdy boxes can offer a higher level of protection for your items during the shipping.The majority of the shipping companies prefer transport boxes that meet the standards. They sometimes reject the packaging, if boxes do not meet the defined specification. In such case, it is wise to discuss with your supplier that what type of boxes they are going to offer you.
  3. SizeOne size can’t fit all! Based on the size of the items you want to ship, you need to select the size of theshipping boxes. You will find boxes of every size in the market. If you are shipping fragile items, it is advisable that you pack them in exactly fitted boxes and then label them. Labeling is very crucial as they will indicate the movers that the items inside the boxes are brittle. And thus, the movers will handle them with great care.If the items are light in weight, you can wrap them all in a large size container. Several companies offercustom-made shipping and moving boxes. These tailor-made boxes are a great option if you want to ship the items in bulk, or in case you want to ship a pricy item.
  4. Corner Protectors Corner protector is an object that is positioned between a shipping container and an item to be shipped such that it doesn’t get damaged from shocks and vibrations of the shipping process. The protector is like a cushion for the packaged item. If all four corners of the packaged article are integrated with protectors, it will not be injured when mishandled or dropped. Corner protectors are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. Choose custom corner protectors while shipping fragile items.
  5. Market ReputationMake sure you buy moving boxes from a reliable supplier like Cactus Containers. This will not just ensure the safety of your goods or items, but also provide you with complete peace of mind as you are certain that the items will reach the agreed place safely.

Hope the above tips will help you make the right decision when looking for a reliable shipping box supplier.

Regular Slotted Container – The Most Common Style of Corrugated Boxes

Though corrugated boxes have undertaken many shapes and styles over the years, the material used for manufacturing these boxes, cardboard paper, is same and will hold its grip for the coming years as well. Today,cardboard cartons make up about half of the world’s packaging materials spending.


RSC shipping boxes

Regular slotted container (RSC) is the most efficient way of manufacturing a corrugated cardboard box. They are an ideal packaging option for products looking for cheap and basic shipping service. As seen in the image below, all flaps are about the same size. The two Outer flaps meet at the line that divides the carton’s width equally. The space between the inner flaps is directly in proportion to the ratio of length and width of the box.


Corrugated RSC cartons are made of corrugated paperboard material. If you look at the periphery of the box, you will find multiple slim columns inside the paper. The columns store the air which acts as a cushioning and enhance the strength of the box. The durability of corrugated sheets varies based on the process followed to manufacture them. Many types of corrugated containers are produced by assembling a variety of cardboard paper, heat, pressure and adhesives.


They are usually available in its natural orange-brown color, with four flaps on the top and bottom. Some RSC cartons are white painted on the outer sides, but the inner walls are usually Kraft brown in color. Regular slotted cardboard boxes are in high-demand these days for packaging. If you are a business who is looking for printed RSC cartons, resort to online suppliers as they offer quality products and largest variety of designs at the lowest rate possible.


Regular slotted cartons are the most economical option for manufacturers and customers, as it can be used to ship all types and size of products, from light-weight to heavy-weight. RSC shipper boxes are made of recyclable cardboard paper, meaning they can be reused again. No hidden cost involved, but will need stapling, gluing and taping to complete packing.


If you want to place any fragile item in the Regular slotted box, a fill-in pad, usually made of foam material, is positioned in between the two inner flaps. The fill-in pad functions as a cushion for the item and absorbs the shocks generated during manhandling. Corrugated fiberboard is placed over the top surface or bottom of the item.

Cactus Containers is a supplier of RSC boxes, tailor-made to your needs. The boxes are made of different material which can be printed and shaped easily. RSC shipping and storage boxes are available in varying depths, so they can be used in storing articles of all sizes. Custom-made corrugated display boxes are used for showcasing items in various stores.

Visit Cactus Containers. Your ideal corrugated RSC boxes are just a click away!

Mailing Tubes – Keep Your Articles Intact In Shipping

Mailing tubes, often called as shipping tubes, are commonly made of wood pulp fibers and used in shipping a great variety of items that can easily fit into a telescopic shape container or can be rolled in cylindrical manner. Fiber tubes are most often used to mail promotional letters, important documents, posters and other lengthy articles that need to be kept undamaged.

End caps are essential in secure shipping!

Based on the item being mailed, the end caps are removable, glued or sealed completely. The ending caps on the tubes make sure that the article remains inside it until it reaches the destination. The caps are made of different material including metal, wood, plastic and cardboard paper.

Why use mailing tubes and when?

Mailing tubes protect your articles from the manhandling and possible damages during the shipping process. Postal services also accept cylindrical shape fiber tubes. If want to send a contract paper, a blueprint, a chart or any other important document, choosing a shipping tube for packing the object will relieve you from safety concerns.

A mailing tube can be used to package any acceptable item that weights under 71 pounds. Businesses use cardboard tubes to send large format papers, architectural drawing documents and prints. In comparison of double wall shipping boxes, it is harder to dent mailing tubes. Thus, they offer higher protection for shipment from bumping, falling and denting.

Cylindrical fiber tubes allow you to send papers without folding or rolling them. As the tubes are light in weight, they don’t increase your overall shipping cost largely. Unlike small fragile items and stationery materials, some documents are highly sensitive and confidential; they need to be shipped in specially designed tubes that are properly sealed at both the ends.

Which mailing tube I should pick?

Mailing tubes are designed with a great variety in thickness, color, print and strength. Most manufacturers offer custom designed mailing tubes to meet the individual needs of the client. Industry specific cardboard tubes are manufactured in a wide range of length, diameter and thickness to best fit the article being shipped. Diameter is determined in a way that the article shouldn’t get a space to shift or transit within the tube. Some mailing tubes are coated with multiple layers to offer a higher level of protection.

If you are a web design firm shipping banners, posters or signs to a client, I recommend you to choose from printed fiber tubes with metal ends. It not only gives a high – end touch to the shipment, but increases security in shipping. Well-built and transparent plastic tubes are used to exhibit paint brushes, pens, toys, crafts, and many other items. Not only it looks appealing, but it helps keep the items in place.

The exterior of cardboard tubes is covered with a paper that can show off any color, pattern or print. Bright color prints on the tubes are preferred while shipping items for birthday, wedding, or for any festive season like Christmas.

5 Ways Packaging Can Work For Your Brand

Do you remember a moment when you purchase something by getting attracted to its beautifully designed or decorated packaging? Or a moment when you were so impressed with the packaging of the shipped item you ordered online? Whether you are roaming in a shopping mall in your city, or browsing a popular e-commerce market online like eBay and Amazon, chances are at some point the packaging or closure of the product help you make your selection of the right product.

The companies selling electronics, books, clothes, shoes, fashion accessories, food items and beverages spend a huge amount of money on the product packaging. And it truly works for their respective brand. Let’s see how:

  1. Custom Packaging Distinguish Your BrandCustom packaging with proper labeling or artistic frontage can stand your brand apart from others and promote your brand effectively. Customization in packaging material showcases the uniqueness of your products or services.1
  2. Decorative shapes and figures Market Your ProductsGone are the days when packaging and shipping box was meant only to protect the product from possible damages and destruction. If you take a look in the consumer goods industries, you will come to know how various companies are getting an edge with the aesthetically appealing shapes and figures in their packaging.2
  3. Stickers, Labels and Stamps Speaks in Volume for the Quality of Inside ProductsPackaging Sticker that showcases your company name, logo, and address (physical or website URL) is the most affordable way of lifting up the market image of your brand. If you don’t have the budget to hire a good packaging company for custom stickers and labels, you may print it on your own and then glued them on your products. It is recommended that one shouldn’t affix hand-written stickers on packaging boxes, as it reflects your unprofessionalism. You may also use rubber stamps on shipping boxes; it will spread word for your products.
  4. Creative Designs allure the consumersAs said in the beginning of the article, it happens sometimes that you inevitably are dragged to an item and buy it simply because its packaging was quite appealing. Now, this is the point when you need to hire a professional Folding Cartons Manufacturer, or a custom cardboard cartons designer company. The professionals can help you determine the design that not only looks beautiful, but it should also reflect the category or type of the product inside, or speak something about your company.4
  5. Description or Usage Direction Boost ‘Reliability’If you ever bought a ready-to-cook food item, you would have seen that the backside of the packaging covers the direction to prepare the specific food. Similarly, the cosmetics and fashion items also mention steps to use them above the packaging material. Printing such few essential lines will help you win the trust of your targeted audience.

If you take a look at some of the most popular brands in your industry, you will notice how they differentiate their products via effective packaging. With the booming demand of packaging solutions, Cactus Containers has emerged as one of the top packaging companies by offering the best packaging solution for your brand.

Strike the Right Chord between Products Packaging and Advertising

Advertising and packaging are two fundamental elements of any sure-fire marketing strategy. If harmonized properly, these elements can work positively for any business. Of course, they belong to different spheres and triggers different reactions amongst the customers and clients. However, if we increase their dependency on each other strategically, it will result in an award-winning marketing strategy.

Is advertising more affordable in comparison to packaging?

When I speak about advertising, I am mentioning the print media and television advertising. They are major components of advertising products to a wider customer base. As said by many experts, product packaging itself is a passive advertiser. And the cost of effective packaging is much lower than that of television advertisements.

Debatably, all the consumer products or goods are not advertised on the national or international television. But, all the consumer items are supported by a quality packaging solution. This shows how products packaging, if not alone, is a major means of communicating to your targeted audience.

However, due to some latest trends, television advertising does help businesses larger their product niche. Another big platform of product advertising is the internet. You might have seen a number of sponsored links, videos, audio clips and pop-up on websites placed in order to advertise or promote specific products or services.

In this highly competitive market, a proper product packaging can put you far ahead of your competitors. But unfortunately, some new startups and small-scale businesses are not paying the deserved attention to the right set-off of packaging and advertising.

Role of Different Product Marketing Component

Simply put, advertising is devoted to inspire the end users to reach the outlets or malls where your products are available for sale. And this is when the role of packaging begins. Effective packaging catches the heart and trust of the consumers and makes them buy the product. As you can see, advertising can boost the traffic to stores and packaging generates revenues.

Many products can’t be advertised on the television without showcasing its package; food items, health and beauty products, and beverages are to name a few. Packaging is shown either in the beginning or at the end of the advertisement. If you want to appeal the consumers with the sound and smell, you can use a package that can store a nice aroma or flavor till someone open it.

Advertising of the product is the sole responsibility of the brand manager or marketing head in your company. But, it requires an input of experienced packaging company to bring these two different realms together for the best results.

Cactus Containers offers a wide range of packaging solutions. Items such as mail tubes, folding cartons, set-up boxes, pop displays, telescoping boxes and heavy shipping boxes are some of the most popular packaging options available in the market. Creativity, quality and cost are three major things to look for while hiring any packaging company.

So, what’s holding you back? Hire a professional packaging solution like Cactus Containers to come up with the finest and unique package for your products or goods.

10 Most Common Cardboard Shipping Box Styles

Corrugated cardboard shipping boxes are light in weight, shock-proof, highly durable, and available in any shape and size required. In addition, they are available at far lower prices than all other types of packaging material including glass and plastic. Perhaps, these are the reason why corrugated boxes are dominating the global packaging and shipping industry since last many decades.

If you want to use cardboard shipping containers in packaging or shipping your products, there are many container styles available in the market to choose from. Below are the 10 most common styles of cardboard shipping boxes:

  1. RSC (Regular Slotted Container)RSC (Regular Slotted Contain)This is the most widely used style of cardboard cartons. All the flaps of the box are of same length giving it a square look. The two outer flaps meet at the center axis of the box when closed.
  2. AFM (All Flaps Meet)AFM (All Flaps Meet)The design is almost similar to that of regular slotted cartons. However, here both the outer and inner flaps meet on the center axis of the box creating an even surface as a part of the interior of the box.
  3. FOL (Full Overlap Container)FOL (Full Overlap Container) The overlapped flaps at the bottom of the container work as a cushion which absorbs the vibration before they reach the item inside. Al flaps are of equal length and envelop the full width of the carton. When folded, the outer flaps are seen overlapping each other.
  4. HSC (Half Slotted Container)HSC (Half Slotted Container)They are similar to RSC corrugated boxes, but they don’t have flaps at one side. With only one set of flaps, these styles of boxes are extensively used as a cover. It features easy loading in transporting the products.
  5. FPF (Five Panel Folder)FPF (Five Panel Folder)The style offers a higher level of protection and additional strength to long items of smaller diameter. Several layers of cardboards are combined together and the fifth panel is used as the outermost flap, which is a single cut in the entire box.
  6. DST (Design Style Tray)DST (Design Style Tray)Tray style boxes are used in storing articles and it can also be used as a cover of another DST or HSC. This single piece tray is widely chosen as a storage carton for heavy weight flat articles. While packaging products inside DST boxes, the flaps are glued, taped or stapled.
  7. OPF (One Piece Folder)OPF (One Piece Folder)A single piece of cardboard is cut to achieve a flat bottom, with flaps forming the sides. The side flaps cover the top and bottom of the box. It is mainly used to package books and other printed materials. However, if you want to send a business blueprint or any other important paper document intact, mail tubes are recommended.
  8. DC (Double Cover Box)DC (Double Cover Box)They are used in packaging of heavy and tall articles. First the article placed on the bottom cover and then the middle shell is slowly lowered to cover the article.
  9. SSD (Scored Sheets and Dividers)SSD (Scored Sheets and Divid)When a number of scores are combined to insert in the pad, it becomes score sheets that are typically used as a box accessory. These sheets offer interior structural support and replace voids inside the shipping boxes.
  10. Corrugated PadsCorrugated PadsFlat cardboard pads are used to cover their top or bottom of the article, or to separate the layers of articles while packaging.

If you want a cardboard packaging material with extra protection, you may choose the industry trademark – Shipping Boxes / RSC Main. Pick the style that best fit your products!

A Comprehensive Guide to Cardboard Mail Tubes

Cardboard mail tubes are one of the most commonly used packaging supplies by businesses and individuals since many decades. No matter if you are shipping a marketing poster or an important blue chip, selection of the right mailing tubes ensures the complete safety of the product inside, all the way to its destination.

The cardboard shipping tubes are just a packaging supply. Rather, using top-quality mailing containers, you can create a positive reputation of your brand or business in the market. While shipping a product that you’ve spend many days manufacturing or designing, it is significant to get a high-quality mail tube to keep that product intact during the shipping.

Some businesses incorporate mailing containers into their marketing and advertising campaign. In such cases, the companies need to find spectacular custom tubes that can help them enhance their brand image and expand customer base in the market.

Here are the top 7 tips to consider while looking for mail tubes:

  1. Leverage from Technology
    Use internet to search right packaging suppliers for your needs. Today, most of the professional packaging companies have their online portal on the web.
  2. Do some Homework
    Learn what types of corrugated mail containers are available in the market; find out what are the shapes, colors and designs offered by the online companies. Visit as many sites as you can, and gather all essential information regarding mail tubes.
  3. Quality of Material
    This determines the life cycle of the shipping containers. If the tubes are made of first-grade cardboard material with adequate thickness, it will provide the products more safety from manhandling, vibration and all possible damages.
  4. Shape and Size that best fits the products
    Choose a tube size that exactly fits to your product. If you don’t find such off-the-shelf cardboard tubes, you may look for a company that provides custom designed tubes. Custom cardboard tubes are a must for oddly shaped products.
  5. Designs and Colors that can appeal to your targeted audience
    The choice of paperboard tube designs and colors may vary based on the niche you’re targeting at. For example, if you are a business sending posters or maps to your client, you will prefer tubes with professional-looking designs. And if you’re shipping products for children in the tubes, you may prefer tubes with colorful and pretty-looking design.
  6. Don’t forget the essentials
    Regardless of the product type you’re going to ship inside the mailing tube, also known as postal tube, it is essential to affix your company name, logo, address, and other details on the tube. You can either print these details on your custom shipping tubes, or glue labels or stickers with these details.
  7. Cost Makes a Difference
    Compare the cost of mail containers between different companies online. Most of the companies offer free estimation. However, cost isn’t the only critical factor to take into account while hiring a packaging company. You should also consider the things listed above including the durability, quality, design, color scheme, size and shape.

So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing for a professional packaging company that can offer the best fit, well-designed, durable, and safe mailing tubes at the most reasonable cost.

The Importance of Corrugated Folding Boxes in Retail Industry

Product packaging has taken the entire retail industry by storm. Companies now look for packaging solutions that can grab attention and enhance their brand image in the market. Today, packaging is not merely a means to store and protect the products, but it has become a way to interact directly with the targeted audience.

Retail packaging is an individual category of packaging solutions that are designed to help retailers run their shop smoothly and efficiently. This form of packaging is designed with colorful prints and design to easily grab consumers’ attention. At the same time, the packaging is durable enough to protect the product from manhandling and vibration during shipping.

In all options of consumer product packaging, folding boxes, or cartons, made of corrugated cardboard material is the most viable solution.

Why choose folding carton for retail packaging?

In the current retail market scenarios, custom print boxes is a must to make your products notice-worthy. Digitally printed folding cartons look spectacular and leave a lasting impression on consumers’ minds, which in turn impact positively on your product sales.

Folding carton has created a lot of buzz in the packaging industry in recent years. They are available in many different styles like boxes and trays, to accommodate all types of products. The cartons house all units of a single product for storage and marketing purpose.

Some of the major reasons behind the fast-growing popularity of folding cartons include highly affordable cost, great variety in shapes and sizes, flexible structure, exclusive packaging design for low weight products, and structure flexibility.

Folding cartons, due to its structure, occupy less area during transportation in comparison of other packaging solutions; meaning, it can help retailers cut down the storage, transportation and distribution cost.

Why Choose Corrugated Folding Cartons?

Corrugated cardboard material is highly flexible, meaning it allow the packaging designers to implement any idea or creativity. Cardboard packaging boxes can be easily transformed to any shape, cut to any slice. In addition, corrugated cartons are environment-friendly, as they can be recycled easily and used again and again. On top of all these salient features of corrugated cartons, they are available at the lowest price.

Cardboard packaging solution provider companies are offering a wide range of folding cartons with excellent digital print, graphic design, sticker and labeling. Custom designed corrugated containers are widely used in food and beverages, electronics, health care, beauty and cosmetics, and other consumer product industries.

How to get quality cardboard folding cartons?

No matter what retail market you belong to, you can easily find a perfect packaging solution for your products over the internet. You will find many websites offering retail packaging solutions at the most reasonable rates.

Consult a folding cartons manufacturer to discuss your packaging needs. You may seek for a customized and innovative design to outshine the competitors. Effective packaging can help you broaden your customer-base and boost your sales.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire a professional corrugated packaging company in your city or state to develop a unique packaging solution for your brand.

Shopping For Shipping Boxes? Things You Must Know Before You Buy

Regardless if you are moving your household stuff or business items, corrugated cardboard boxes are indispensable as packaging for the articles. There are many types and styles of cardboard shipping boxes available in the market. But it’s never like one size fits all. The selection of shipping boxes plays crucial role in determining the safety of your shipment.

Here are the top 5 things to consider while buying corrugated shipping boxes:

1. Ratings

Cardboard shipping boxes feature two standard industry measures: ECT (Edge Crush Test) rating, and BST (Burst Strength Test) rating. ECT rating tells how well a shipping box will do when stacked.

The higher the rating, the sturdier the box. And the BCT rating shows the weight bearing capacity of a shipping box. You will find these two ratings imprinted on the bottom flaps of the cardboard boxes.

Double wall shipping boxes are available in the market – they offer higher protection in comparison to single wall boxes. Choose the right boxes based on what’s being packed inside.

2. Size

The box size should be chosen such that product gets tightly fitted inside. If the box size is more than what is exactly required, it increases the chances of product damage during loading, unloading and shipping.

Mid-size boxes have minimum 32 ECT and 200 BCT as a rating, which is highly suitable for packing books, glasses, dishes, kitchenware, etc. Large shipping boxes are used in packaging of bulkier and large sized items. If your product is too large, not necessarily too heavy, you can ask the packaging supplier to provide you with extra large boxes that best fit your shipment.

3. Shape

If your shipment product is oddly shaped, buying from off-the-shelf square cardboard boxes won’t be a good idea. In such case, it is recommended that you go for custom box designing. Alternatively, if your product fits one of the conventional shapes, you can easily find the suitable shipping boxes in both brick-mortar and web based stores.

4. Specialty Boxes

If you want to stand out in the crowd and be different, specialty boxes are the answer; it is more important in e-commerce business to leave lasting impression on the shoppers’ mind. The specialty boxes are professionally designed for a specific product. Folding carton is one of the best examples of specialty boxes. Creative foldable boxes will not just look appealing, but also help you make the most of the space available in the shipping carrier.

5. Corner Protectors

They are made of either foam or cardboard material. They are invaluable when shipping fragile or slender products. They protect the shipment from the possible damages during shipping process.

You may also use foam inserts available off-the-shelf to protect the shipment from possible damages due to vibration of the carrier as well as while being manhandled; the foam inserts absorb vibrations during the shipping process.

Whether you want to buy a single piece or boxes in bulk, online stores are the best places to get top-quality, custom designed shipping boxes at the most affordable rates possible.

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