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Benefits of Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes

Very heavy items for transport require very strong corrugated shipping boxes to contain them. We’re talking about machinery, engines, appliances, or tools that are not the typical lightweight, yet it still needs to get to its destination. Heavy weights need the punching strength of heavy duty shipping boxes.

Consider the weight of each product. They are so heavy and bulky, a pallet jack or forklift must lift these items. With the weight comes the extra strength that is needed to be in its own container. If you choose a typical moving box, there is a chance the box will break even before it arrives to its destination. It will not pad or protect your product. In fact, the product itself may get damaged, just by using the wrong type of box.

So with the heavy weight, consider heavy duty shipping boxes. They’re built exactly for these kinds of shipments. They are extra strong and will not burst open. They are robust and sturdy, able to handle, protect and contain the massive weights.

These shipping boxes are so strong that if they need to be stored, they are also stackable. They will not collapse, or cave in inwardly because the corrugated walls are built two to three times thicker. When looking for a heavy duty shipping box, be sure to get double wall boxes or triple wall boxes from Cactus Container.

A double wall box is packed with twice the strength with a weight capacity of 200 lbs.! Double wall boxes are designed for hard work able to withstand unusual strain. Its walls are strong and thick able to resist rugged movement and jolts. To save shipping space, pile them on top of one another without worries. They have the extra stacking strength needed for heavy items such as appliances or multiple bulk items.


Triple wall boxes have the strength of plywood, yet they are much cheaper in cost.Tri wall boxes are designed for industrial heavy work. Its maximum stacking strength keep the products safe, protected and intact. Because it is still made out of corrugated material, you have the flexibility to choose the correct size, or order a customized size through Cactus Container. Unlike other shipping materials that are not as easily manipulated, a tri wall box can be conveniently laid flat and shipped in bundles.

The boxing ring bell has rung. For heavy bulky items, automatically choose the heavy weight champion. Choose heavy duty shipping boxes. It will get the job done without worries of faint walls, breakage or knockouts.

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