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7 Unbelievable Ways to Reuse Cardboard Tube Containers

Oh yes, everyone knows cardboard mail tubes, also known as postal tubes, are used to package critical papers, articles and documents while shipping. But you might have no idea how these tubes can be used for a number of household needs. Don’t believe me? Read on.

1. Keep Fabric Clothes And Pants Wrinkle-Free

You open a door of your wardrobe and pick a pair of pants you haven’t donned for a long time, and now when you want to wear it, it has an ugly-looking crease found along the fold line created by the hanger. Well, if you don’t want to find yourself in such a situation again, use paper tubes. Cut the needed length of the tube, fold it horizontally, and then put it over the hanger rack before you place your pants on it. Don’t forget to tape the two sides of the tube from the bottom end; else your pants may slide off the hanger. You may also use tubes to wrap napkins and tablecloths to keep them crease-free. To protect the linens from stains, it is wise to wrap some plastic around the tubes first.

2. Store String, Fabric Scraps, Knitting Needles, etc.

Needless to say how frustrating it is to deal with interlaced string. However, using paper tubes smartly, you can store the string in ready-to-use mode. You simply need to wrap the string tightly around the tube and then secure the end in the split you created at the end of the tube.

Similarly, you can also store knitting needles in a long cardboard tube covered with an aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Seal bottom end with cellphone tape and squeeze the top end with tape tightly. This way your needles will stay secure and organized.

Moreover, you can also use cardboard tubes to store rolled fabric scraps, which can be placed inside the bathroom or kitchen. For quick recognition, you may staple a sample fabric outside the tube container.

3. Create A Knife Sheath

Unfold a paper tube and use duct tape to close one end of it. Your sheath for a picnic or camping knife is ready to use.

4. Create a Strip For Flies and Pest

Making a fly or pest strip is incredibly easy with empty cardboard mailing tubes. You simply need to cover the tube with glossy tape. Keep the sticky side outwards and your work is done.

5. Organize Christmas Lights

Does it take longer to untangle your Christmas lights than time needed to put them up? If yes, why don’t you wrap your lights around a corrugated cardboard tube and then mask them with tape.

6. Secure Fluorescent Light

Of course, no one wants that fluorescent light to break before they even use it once. Use long tubes closed at one end with tape to protect the fluorescent light.

7. Make A Boot Tree

If you don’t want the tops of long boots to flop over and develop a crease while sitting in the closet, you may place cardboard tubes inside of them. This will help boots retain their shape.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Just be innovative and you can use both new and used shipping tubes and even a corrugated display in a number of household applications.

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