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Corrugated Cartons and Custom Tubes – The Packaging Solution for You

Everything in your office or home would have come to you in a box or packaging when purchased. Even when you move, these boxes are what that comes to your aid. Packaging is an age old concept that has always accompanied us when shipping or moving something. Though the concept of packaging has not changed for centuries, its form, methods, purpose, procedure and usage has changed from time to time. In this modern world, packaging of your product is considered one of the key aspects of marketing for your product. The fact that Packaging has found a place under the first P – ‘Product‘ in the modern business’ 4 P’s of Marketing Principle is a testimony to its importance in today’s business setup.

Essentially, packaging is what keeps your product safe and secure while it is being shipped to stores or customers. Almost every consumer product now comes in corrugate cartons. These corrugate cartons are one of the finest creations of packaging engineers as they satisfy every possible requirement of a good shipping container.

Conventionally, these boxes or shipping containers are designed based on the mode of transportation that is used to ship the products and also the arrangement of these boxes inside the container. Though these boxes inherently absorb some shock while being transported, they need extra cushioning and bracing when the products that they carry are fragile.

Corrugate cartons are mostly made out of recycled fiber, making them the best eco-friendly packaging material available. Besides this, there are lots of other features of these cartons that make them the most desirable packaging material. These corrugated cartons have the best strength to weight ratio. That is, it is extremely light weight but at the same time has good strength to hold its structure and protect the product. Another important attribute of it is its stacking strength. These cartons have a very good stacking strength. This is very essential because almost all packages will be stacked at great heights in warehouses and containers. This strength prevents these cartons from caving in under its own weight and damaging the products. Also, since these are paper based material, it is easier and cheaper to print signs and other manufacturer and shipping details directly on them. Apart from all these good properties of carton boxes as packaging material, the crucial factor that tips the scales in its favor is its low cost. They are the most cost effective and functional packaging item ever designed.

Though most products are packed only in cube shaped boxes, some products require some customized shapes. Some products have a small cross sectional area but are very long. Many manufacturers of carton boxes also do them in customized shapes based on customer needs. The next common shape for these cartons, besides rectangular box shape, is custom tubes for long products. Some of the manufacturers provide end- to-end customized packing solutions.

So if you are a product manufacturer whose products need to be shipped, all that you have to do is find a reliable carton manufacturer and let them take care of all your packaging needs.

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