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Mailing Tubes for Your Storage and Mailing Solutions

Cactus Containers can provide your company with custom mailing tubes. Mail tubes are durable but yet lightweight and are a great way to send blueprints, drawings, banners and so much more. You can be assured that by using open end and crimped end mailing tubes for your posters, art prints, or signage that they will be completely protected from any damage that can easily occur when being shipped or mailed. Mailing tubes are ideal for not only mailing, but for storing of your media as well.

You can choose between paper caps or plastic plugs to secure the ends of open ended mailing tubes. Crimped mailing tubes do not require any end caps. More and more businesses are finding that custom shipping tubes are a better way and more efficient way to transport goods that don’t quite fall into the “normal” category for shipping.

Plain, Kraft mailing tubes are good bet to keep your costs down. If you want to spruce your packaging up a bit and can spend a little extra, you can choose colored paper for the tubes or even choose to do a direct 1 color print to the tube. Trying to promote or advertise with mail tubes? 4 Color, lithographic labeling is a great way to catch the eye of the recipient of your mailing tube. Many promoters and advertisers use 4 color lithographic labels to customize their mail tubes.

Using telescoping tubes, whether it’s a 2 piece or a 3 piece tube, is a great way to get your mailing tubes or shipping tubes look clean and professional. Want a little extra protection? Shipping tubes are similar to mailing tubes, but carry a bit more strength and durability. Shipping tubes are an effective way to mail fishing poles, flagpoles, spools of all sorts, ribbon, string, yarn, rope, fabric, elastic materials, and paper while protecting them during the shipping process. If you are looking for a great custom tube supplier, Cactus Containers out of Southern California can help and ultimately provide you with just the right solution for your paper tubes needs.

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