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Corrugated Shipping Boxes – Have Your Products Reach Their Destination Intact

In this post, I’ve shared some important packing tips that will help you get your items safely to their destination, which can be a retail marketplace or any other place. The guidelines outlined here include the key considerations in packing most items with utmost care. By following these simple yet extremely helpful tips, you will certainly do your part in ensuring their safe shipment delivery:

Select the Right Container

Choosing the perfect container or carton isn’t a difficult job, but it is one of the most important factors to consider while packaging products for shipping. You need to choose a container that can easily accommodate the size and shape of the product, and leave at least 2 inch of space around the shipment for cushioning material.

Corrugated boxes are widely used as shipping boxes. They are available in numerous shapes, sizes and styles. Additionally, if you are looking for the best fit shipping boxes, custom corrugate cartons recommended packaging solution for you.

Use Cardboard Box Accessories

Don’t cut back on cushioning material and corner protectors just to save a few dollars. Use foam inserts as cushioning to articles, as they absorb the shocks and vibrations generated during loading, unloading and transportation. Use of cardboard corner protectors is recommended, as it will eliminate the chances of product movement inside a shipping box.

If you are using a large corrugated box for packing multiple articles, you can use cardboard dividers to store the articles in organized manner. And this will also protect them from possible damages during manhandling and shipping. You may visit the online corrugated packaging product stores to find what’s available in the category of box accessories.

Special Protection for Special Items

If you are shipping fragile items or very expensive articles, I strongly recommend use of double wall shipping boxes made of cardboard material. These boxes are the right combination of strength, durability and cost. Also, it is wise not to pack such items in used shipping boxes.

If you are putting all fragile items together in a large size double wall cardboard shipping box, then it is advised to wrap every single article separately. This approach will reduce the chances of inner collision and possible damages due to it. For wrapping, you may use air-encapsulated plastic, expanded polystyrene or foam inserts.

Seal It Properly

Never overlook properly sealing your package. If not done right, it can put all your inside protection efforts in vain. Before sealing the box, shake it and make sure the items inside are not moving. Use a strong tape specifically made for shipments. Cover the box with pressure-sensitive plastic strips, as they give the boxes the necessary strength for secure closures. Use of cell phone tapes and masking tapes are not recommended for shipping items.

Don’t Forget To Label the Shipment

No matter how good packaging you have done so far, if you have not affixed the item detail and its destination address details, if needed, then there are fair chances of your shipment getting misplaced or lost. If you are reusing an old box, then make sure you remove the previous labels or markings from the box and then affix a new label. Always include complete address, including ZIP code, of receiver and yours above the box. For double security, you can also leave one label copy inside the box.

Considering these 5 tips will certainly help you ensure safe and secure delivery of your product shipments.

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