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What makes it A Modern Shipping Box?

No matter if it’s residential, commercial or industrial products; transporting those items from one place to another is a challenging job, be it locally or internationally. When you are transporting products or goods in traditional shipping boxes, the most it can do is deliver the items at the destination address intact and find its place in the warehouse or dustbins!

But with modern shipping boxes, the things are clearly different. Below are some most fundamental traits of a modern shipping container:

Best fit to the shipping items

The first and foremost characteristic of a modern shipping container is that it is tailor-made to the size and shape of the shipment. As the boxes are a perfect fit for the product, they would be less waste of packaging material and maximum use of carrier space. So, rather than buying those off-the-shelf brown boxes, it is strongly recommended that you choose custom shipping boxes and save big on packaging expense!

Getting custom mailer boxes and shipping containers is a lot easier. A large number of websites sell custom corrugated shipping boxes at much lower prices! Many of them also offer free delivery of the boxes to your doorstep.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

Think of all the individuals whom your shipping boxes will come in contact with. Probably quite a few! With a modern shipping box, you can make use of that blank brown or white space on your boxes to promote and/or market your product, and your company as a well. How? Well, you can get all the sides of the boxes printed with your company logo, name or slogan.

You may also go one step further and imprint the box cover with a visually appealing graphics design to build more awareness in your brand or company.

If you have ever ordered something from, you might be aware of the smiley printed on a side of their shipping box. Even before you open the box, you become excited and feel confident that you’ve purchased a quality product. Companies like leverage the power of custom printed shipping boxes to win customers’ trust and increase their popularity.

Educate Your Customers

A modern shipping box isn’t merely a way to increase brand awareness and market your products, but it is also a great tool in making it easy for your targeted audience to reach you. Often in time your shipping boxes are reused, and thus it is a great idea to share your contact information, including your physical address and your website. This way you can get connected to new customers and stay tuned with the existing ones.

No need to break the bank!

Well, if you are thinking that it’s not in your budget to get custom manufactured and printed shipping boxes, think again! Due to advancement in digital printing technology, they are now available at much cheaper prices so that businesses of all sizes can easily afford them!

To conclude, a modern shipping box isn’t merely a safe packaging of a product, but also a means to market brands and drive customer satisfaction.

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