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Make Custom Corrugated Boxes Work for Your Business

Done right, corrugated boxes can deliver a plethora of benefits to your business. But it all depends on your ability to custom design almost every aspect of the boxes including its size, thickness, interior setting, sticker, label, design or print above the box such that it reflects your brand or company in the most effective manner.

Regardless if you are packaging the products for storage or shipping purpose, corrugated boxes should top your list due to the huge number of benefits it offers such as strength, versatility in design, durability and most affordable prices.

Corrugated cartons are also used in retail stores, malls and shops as a point-of-purchase display, which is used to promote the brand to its targeted audience. If you browse the web, you’ll find a great variety of printed cardboard display boxes available off-the-shelf out there.

To sum up, the top benefits of corrugated boxes are as below:

  • They are extremely light in weight
  • One corrugated box can be recycled up to 8 times
  • 30% of every corrugated box is made of recycled substrate
  • As corrugated boxes can be easily recycled, their costs are the lowest in the packaging industry
  • They come in a great variety of designs
  • They are inherently flexible

Benefits of Custom Designed Corrugated Packaging & Shipping Boxes:

Bespoke designed corrugated containers have several business-specific advantages that make it the ultimate choice for storing, packaging, shipping and merchandising. Bestowed with outstanding load bearing capacity, corrugated boxes are most-opted packaging solution for stacking purpose.

No matter if you need a large-sized box to package a piece of heavy item or a large box with several small compartments or partitions to package multiple small items, corrugated boxes can be easily customized to any size, shape or design to best fit your packaging requirements.

Corrugated boxes are tailor-made in context to the following specifications given by you:

  • The dimensions of the box – length, width and depth
  • Thickness of the box
  • Additional box accessories for extra protection or isolation such as pads, trays, dividers and foam inserts
  • To have labels with SKU, bar codes, batch/lot number, manufacturing date, product description, destination details, point of origin or other details attached with the box

Benefits of Custom Designs in Retail Displays

Corrugated boxes are perfect for point-of-purchase and counter displays which are mainly used for exclusive promotions of the brands. These boxes can be manufactured in almost any shape or size, can be printed or labeled with any visual content or text, and can be elaborately designed with multiple-compartments displays.

Ranging from a small single-compartment printed display for a checkout counter to a larger stand-up display for a store aisle, corrugated boxes can be built to any specifications, regardless of the fact how simple or complex it is.

So, if you are a business looking for a cost-effective yet sure-fire way of exposing your brand or product amongst potential customers and prospects, custom corrugated boxes are the answers. Harness the benefits of the evolution of the packaging world. A right custom RSC box or simply custom corrugated box can make a sale happen!

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