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Custom Shipping Boxes for Faster Business Growth

In this modern world, consumers can buy virtually anything by simply making a few clicks online, including items that are quite difficult to wrap in a traditional corrugated carton for shipping. However, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that the item reaches the customers’ place intact.

Some web based retailers manufacture their own shipping boxes to ensure the highest protection for their products while in shipping. Some of these retailers spend a little more to make their shipping boxes look attractive enough to get repeat business from the customers.

While e-commerce businesses typically pay between $1 and $2 for a corrugated brown shipping box, some businesses have realized that the business advantages of custom shipping boxes outweigh the extra amount that needs to be paid. Moreover, some online retailers have generated a new source of income by selling excess packaging materials to recyclers.

Go the Big Brand Way

According to Jonathan Asher, executive vice president at Perception Research Services, as a great marketing arsenal, custom packaging has one key benefit over other advertising techniques – the consumers can rarely miss it. There are numerous ways and all kinds of reasons why advertising won’t fulfill its purpose. But there is no escape from packaging for consumers.

An e-tailer of party supplier says, the cost of its custom designed blue shipping boxes and blue mailers pays off in customer acquisitions and retention. A custom made box that speaks a volume about your brand will certainly cost you a few dollars more, but it indeed is worth investing in, from marketing and branding perspective. Moreover, if you order them in bulk, you can surely expect a huge discount and bargains.

Build Your Brand Image

When your state-of-the-art shipping box successfully reaches the consumer’s place, it immediately leaves a lasting impression on their mind. The shipping box if designed smartly and professionally can make your brand stand out in this competitive marketplace.

So, if you want your buyers to remember you, as a brand or company, for a lifetime, leave no stone unturned. Custom designed packaging boxes make the inner content or item look like a present, which truly gives immense joy to a buyer when he or she unwrap it.

A Salient Salesman

Yukel, founder and president of Big Dot of Happiness, says many new customers come to their website due to their beautifully and meaningfully designed shipping boxes. Yes, when a person sees a dazzling blue custom box delivered to someone else and he or she becomes excited to know what’s inside the box.

Some people have a tendency to store the things that win their hearts. So, why don’t you create shipping boxes that no one will feel to throw away? In its recent poll ran on its Facebook page, the eCommerce business revealed that many of its customers use their shipping boxes in their houses for storage purpose.

In the light of the discussion, custom made shipping boxes not only ensure extra protection for your products, but also results in a great marketing and advertising tool for your business. Furthermore, the advancement and easy setup of digital printing has made it possible to get top-quality, digitally produced, custom packaging boxes at much reasonable rates.

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