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A Comprehensive Guide to Cardboard Mail Tubes

Cardboard mail tubes are one of the most commonly used packaging supplies by businesses and individuals since many decades. No matter if you are shipping a marketing poster or an important blue chip, selection of the right mailing tubes ensures the complete safety of the product inside, all the way to its destination.

The cardboard shipping tubes are just a packaging supply. Rather, using top-quality mailing containers, you can create a positive reputation of your brand or business in the market. While shipping a product that you’ve spend many days manufacturing or designing, it is significant to get a high-quality mail tube to keep that product intact during the shipping.

Some businesses incorporate mailing containers into their marketing and advertising campaign. In such cases, the companies need to find spectacular custom tubes that can help them enhance their brand image and expand customer base in the market.

Here are the top 7 tips to consider while looking for mail tubes:

  1. Leverage from Technology
    Use internet to search right packaging suppliers for your needs. Today, most of the professional packaging companies have their online portal on the web.
  2. Do some Homework
    Learn what types of corrugated mail containers are available in the market; find out what are the shapes, colors and designs offered by the online companies. Visit as many sites as you can, and gather all essential information regarding mail tubes.
  3. Quality of Material
    This determines the life cycle of the shipping containers. If the tubes are made of first-grade cardboard material with adequate thickness, it will provide the products more safety from manhandling, vibration and all possible damages.
  4. Shape and Size that best fits the products
    Choose a tube size that exactly fits to your product. If you don’t find such off-the-shelf cardboard tubes, you may look for a company that provides custom designed tubes. Custom cardboard tubes are a must for oddly shaped products.
  5. Designs and Colors that can appeal to your targeted audience
    The choice of paperboard tube designs and colors may vary based on the niche you’re targeting at. For example, if you are a business sending posters or maps to your client, you will prefer tubes with professional-looking designs. And if you’re shipping products for children in the tubes, you may prefer tubes with colorful and pretty-looking design.
  6. Don’t forget the essentials
    Regardless of the product type you’re going to ship inside the mailing tube, also known as postal tube, it is essential to affix your company name, logo, address, and other details on the tube. You can either print these details on your custom shipping tubes, or glue labels or stickers with these details.
  7. Cost Makes a Difference
    Compare the cost of mail containers between different companies online. Most of the companies offer free estimation. However, cost isn’t the only critical factor to take into account while hiring a packaging company. You should also consider the things listed above including the durability, quality, design, color scheme, size and shape.

So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing for a professional packaging company that can offer the best fit, well-designed, durable, and safe mailing tubes at the most reasonable cost.

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