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How Strong Are Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes

If you need the muscle power to contain and ship extremely heavy items, believe it or not, a box can be indestructible. This is not the average shipping weight but rather a starting weight of 200 lbs all the way up to 1,500 lbs. It is shocking, but true. Put a Cactus Container heavy duty shipping box to the test and watch it not split on the side, crush at the top, or collapse inwardly. For industrial extra strength, choose heavy duty shipping boxes.

They’re heavy duty because of how the walls are constructed. Look closer at the walls, and you’ll see that it is not the typical single corrugated layer. They’re built with two corrugated layers. In other words, they’re called a double wall box.

A double wall box is packed with twice the strength with a weight capacity of 200 lbs! Double wall boxes are designed for hard work able to withstand unusual strain. Its walls are strong and thick able to resist rugged movement and jolts. To save shipping space, pile them on top of one another without worries. Double wall shipping boxes have the extra stacking strength needed for heavy items such as appliances or multiple bulk items.

High density items such as small motors, compressors, machineries require something more robust and durable. These items can weigh as much as 1,000 lbs to 1,500 lbs and can still be shipped in boxes. Again, the secret is in the walls. This time, the layers are tripled. Hence the name, triple wall box.

Triple wall boxes have the strength of plywood, yet they are much cheaper in cost. Tri wall boxes are designed for industrial heavy work. Its maximum stacking strength keep the products safe, protected and intact. Because it is still made out of corrugated material, you have the flexibility to choose the correct size, or order a customized size through Cactus Container. Unlike other shipping materials that are not as easily manipulated, triple wall shipping boxes can be conveniently layed flat and shipped in bundles.

Simply put, heavy duty shipping boxes are ideal for your extremely heavy items. Choose from the double wall boxes to triple wall boxes, depending on the product weight. Take advantage of the maximum stacking strength it provides and ship your items with an ease of mind.

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