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Fiber Tubes for the Smart Customer

Fiber tubes take packaging to the next level, where the simplicity of a tube is used innovatively. These tubes can be used as containers, holding a variety of things such as cosmetics, promotional kits and retail goods, when it has a friction fit end plug. The tubes can be used without the plugs as poles or holders for fabric or even thread. Whatever the use, these tubes can obtain a high end look when done with 4 color-printing or wrapped with a glossy or matt paper. To get the tubes at a cheaper rate, you can go for direct printing with one or two colors, which, when done tastefully, can still give a rich look.

Fiber Tubes Provide Tailor-made Packaging

To meet with the rising demand for uniqueness and originality, custom tubes are on the rise. Customers no longer have to settle for the ready made goods, but can get their packaging tubes in whatever thickness, length and breadth that they need. The ends can be in metal, plastic or paper and can be removable or permanent based on the required function. Metal ends give a sophisticated look and is more durable than paper, while paper ends are safe on the environment and can be reused and recycled.

Green Packaging

With environmental awareness on the rise, companies are getting committed to manufacturing eco-friendly products, which help in waste reduction. Manufacturers start by using recycled fibers and even use eco-friendly dyes for printing, so that there would be no eco-hazard resulting from the end product. Making use of eco-friendly fiber tubes increases our sense of responsibility to the planet.

A Twist in the Tale

Custom Tubes cannot be taken as your average packaging material as they can accommodate a lot of things easily that a normal box cannot manage. It is easier to use a tube for packing posters, papers, wires and stationery items. To make the tube completely reusable, have a removable top made of plastic or metal. These top and tube combinations can withstand multiple usages and pressure without causing any damage.

The Advantageous Conclusion

Of course, the main advantage of fiber tubes is the economical rates in which they are made and when manufactured from recycled fiber, they tend to be even more cost-effective. They are easy to handle and can be reused several times before they need to be recycled. There is no doubt about it; packaging takes an innovative approach with tubes.

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