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Things to Know About Shipping Boxes and Styles

“Shipping boxes” is a wide, broad term to describe boxes used for shipping. One of the most important things to know before buying Small Shipping Boxes or even Large Double Wall Shipping Boxes is you need to know what is the weight of the product you are packing. There are many board tests that can be used for shipping boxes. Depending on the size and weight, a board test will be figured out. Shipping boxes are made in many styles as well. Once the weight and size is worked out, the style will be determined. Boxes for bicycles, for example, are FOL style and can be made with double wall material. A FOL style box has flaps that overlap each other on top and bottom. This gives a very strong reinforced top and bottom to the box. Standard shipping boxes are called RSC Style or Regular Slotted Containers. These are the most popular style of boxes for shipping as these are the least expensive. Printing a one or two color logo can be added as well.

Another style of shipping boxes includes “FPF” Five Panel Folder. This is a great style of shipping box if you are packing out something like frames or flat panels. These boxes can be made with Double Wall as well as Single Wall corrugated board. They can be printed on too.

If you want to give your shipping box a more retail look as well as great protection the Telescopic Top and Bottom shipping box is a good way to go. This gives you a clean top and bottom with no seems. The sides are doubled thickness for better protection in shipping.

All of these shipping style boxes can be made with double wall heavy duty board and standard single wall corrugated board. Both of these corrugated boards are made in white for a cleaner look.

For an extra protection and a great look, a custom foam insert can go inside your shipping box to keep even the most fragile item safe. We offer many densities in Polyethylene Foam and in Polyurethane Foam. These Foam Inserts are die-cut to any shape to fit your product just right. Add this to your shipping box and you will have a very safe and protected product ready to be shipped anywhere in the world. Many customers have a product that only needs a little extra protection for shipping. Foam Corner Protectors add a good protect for items. These come in many thicknesses and sizes depending on the weight and what you are shipping. A shipping box can be sized accordingly to fit with the Corner Protectors not matter what style of shipping box you have picked.

Always talk to a packaging expert to make sure you are getting the correct style of shipping boxes on the right corrugated board for your needs. All shipping boxes are not the same. The right box can save you time and money.

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