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Product Packaging – It’s Time to Make A Change Now

“Packaging Matters” – I’m sure you might have heard this in a number of seminars, webinars and online posts. And it is true! The consumers’ mindset towards product packaging has changed remarkably in the last few years, which, in turn, is forcing companies to revolutionize their packaging ideas to fill in the customer satisfaction gap and thrive in the market.

Packaging That Brings Sales

Packaging designers, suppliers, manufacturers and owners are striving to develop a packaging box design that works right for their products. Wondering how? Well, a right design can make your product outshine others on the shelves and entice the consumers to buy your products.

Studies show that 64% of consumers make purchase decision at the store, without researching the product beforehand. So if you are a brand, having a state-of-the-art packaging design will surely attract your targeted audience and turn them into potential customers.

But, do you think an attractive design is enough to turn into sales?

Packaging That Sets the Right Chord with Your Niche

One of the most common mistakes often made by companies is that they focus only on the look and feel of the packaging and overlook a very significant factor – relevancy. It means your product packaging should be able to speak the language of your targeted audience. Rather than focusing on creating an aesthetically appealing design, the first thing you need to ensure is that your packaging idea should be reflecting the needs and anticipations of your market.

You may conduct a survey or do a market research to learn what your customers want in form of packaging. You may also study what your competitors are doing. Based on the audience you’re targeting and your product, the packaging design, its size and shape will vary dramatically.

Get Repeat Business

When the point is to get repeat business, product packaging is one of the most important factors, provided you sell quality products. Studies reveal that packaging can influence the buyers and increase product satisfaction, which in turn brings repeat business. Research shows that today consumers are seeing packaging equally important as the brand.

Establish Communication Channel

Packaging is a way to communicate with your audience. Imprint your company logo along with usage instructions and a pretty image. Also, highlight accreditation, certification and authenticity in your packaging and let it speak for your brand. However, if done wrong, it may back-fire at your brand reputation. Thus, it is essential to choose the right professional packaging company.

Packaging Is Powerful

Only a few companies across the world have focused on functionality or usability aspect of packaging till date. Introducing creativity in structural elements of packaging can make it usable for the consumers; this is mainly useful in food and beverage market. Many ready-to-eat food products are available today whose packaging is designed to keep product fresh, intact, and some turn out into a temporary plate when opened.

Is your packaging able to bridge the gap to 100% customer satisfaction and make your product stand out? If not, this is the right time to undergo a packaging box transformation.

Search internet to find a great variety of cardboard packaging including corrugated display, single wall shipping boxes, double wall shipping boxes. So, what’s stopping you now?

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