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Using Die Cut Boxes for Shipping

Choosing die cut boxes for shipping is a great way to ensure that your items will make it to their destination safely. These boxes are specially designed in order to accurately fit your product. They are unique to one another and are created in order to fit the specific shape of what you want to pack, package, or ship. Custom designs of die cut boxes allow for a variety of styling possibilities to include unusual scores, slots, and cuts.

Die Cut Box Uses

Boxes don’t have to be dull, ordinary, or plain. Die cut boxes are useful in providing for a clean and professional look to product packaging, and they can be customized to meet your needs. These boxes may be used for gift boxes on special occasions, and they can be used to ship items to your friends and relatives. This eliminates the need for wrapping paper, as your gift will look impressive when packaged using this type of shipping box.

With die cutting, you are offered a variety of possibilities with added box features. Irregularly shaped boxes and cut away display panels can be used to best show off your products. Vent holes can be crated so that your produce lasts longer and to provide for greater ventilation. Some boxes can also come with pre-glued corners in order to speed up the packaging process. Other features include:

  • Integral interior packing
  • Perforated panels and interlocking pieces
  • Boxes to fit irregularly shaped items
  • Self-locking boxes to eliminate gluing, stitching, and taping

The Die Cutting Process

Die cutting makes irregular scores, perforations, and curved cuts all possible with boxes. This is done through the use of a steel rule die in order to stamp features in a way similar to a cookie cutter. The two main types of dies that are used are the rotary and flat bed, and they are inserted to create the desired cut into cardboard, corrugated fiberboard, and other low strength materials.

Common Die Cut Styles

Some of the most common features found in large or small shipping boxes in the die cut style include the following:

  • Easy open features
  • Carrying handles
  • Perforated scores
  • Irregularly shaped packages
  • Irregularly shaped contours or cut outs
  • Integral product separation
  • Cut away display panels
  • Self-locking packages (without need for glue, tape, or other adhesive)
  • Fold in lids with interlocking flaps or tabs
  • Corner closures
  • Self-locking bottom or top flaps

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