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Top 5 Things to Consider While Selecting Shipping Box Supplier

Moving to your new home? Changing your office? Or want to ship your products to another place? When the point is of goods (any commercial or non-commercial items) moving and shipping, corrugated boxes are a must. One of the obvious reasons of packaging the items in cardboard boxes is to protect them from the possible damages during the shipping or shifting process.

Frequent manhandling during the relocation process increases the chances of breakage in items. So, when the next time you relocate or send items to another place, shipping boxes should be the first thing to hit your mind. This approach will not only reduce the chances of damage, but if you are a business then it will improve your reputation in the market.

Following are the top 5 things to consider while choosing a shipping box supplier:

  1. CostCertainly, cost is the utmost important thing to consider while selecting a moving box supplier company. Cardboard boxes are available in many different styles, shape and sizes. The price too varies accordingly from one company to another. You first need to look around in the market to find a reliable company like Cactus Containers for example.You can easily compare the prices of different corrugated boxes provider companies online and seal the best deal. Cactus Containers offers great discounts and bargains.
  2. StrengthDurability of the transport boxes is an essential point to consider. Some online businesses sell cardboard boxes at the cheapest rates as their products lack in quality. You must ensure that the boxes you purchase are capable to bear up the repeated manhandling that generally takes place in every shipping process.Sturdy boxes can offer a higher level of protection for your items during the shipping.The majority of the shipping companies prefer transport boxes that meet the standards. They sometimes reject the packaging, if boxes do not meet the defined specification. In such case, it is wise to discuss with your supplier that what type of boxes they are going to offer you.
  3. SizeOne size can’t fit all! Based on the size of the items you want to ship, you need to select the size of theshipping boxes. You will find boxes of every size in the market. If you are shipping fragile items, it is advisable that you pack them in exactly fitted boxes and then label them. Labeling is very crucial as they will indicate the movers that the items inside the boxes are brittle. And thus, the movers will handle them with great care.If the items are light in weight, you can wrap them all in a large size container. Several companies offercustom-made shipping and moving boxes. These tailor-made boxes are a great option if you want to ship the items in bulk, or in case you want to ship a pricy item.
  4. Corner Protectors Corner protector is an object that is positioned between a shipping container and an item to be shipped such that it doesn’t get damaged from shocks and vibrations of the shipping process. The protector is like a cushion for the packaged item. If all four corners of the packaged article are integrated with protectors, it will not be injured when mishandled or dropped. Corner protectors are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. Choose custom corner protectors while shipping fragile items.
  5. Market ReputationMake sure you buy moving boxes from a reliable supplier like Cactus Containers. This will not just ensure the safety of your goods or items, but also provide you with complete peace of mind as you are certain that the items will reach the agreed place safely.

Hope the above tips will help you make the right decision when looking for a reliable shipping box supplier.

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