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Top 7 Benefits of Choosing Corrugated Boxes for Shipping

Corrugated boxes also known as cardboard boxes are industrially prefabricated cartons and they are widely used as a packaging material. If you want to relocate some goods, be it commercial or personal, corrugated boxes are inevitable. However if you don’t want to follow the crowd and want some logical reasons to agree with my claim, here are the top 7 benefits of selecting corrugated cartons for shipping goods:

1. Very Light in Weight
Lightness is the major advantage of choosing corrugated containers for shipping goods. Due to light weight, they can be easily carried, shipped and transported. So, you won’t require mechanical tools to carry corrugated boxes.

2. Strong and Sturdy
These kinds of boxes are durable and strong, so it is rare that the packaged items will get damaged during transportation. Corrugated is a type of cardboard material which drives on structural rigidity and fine cushioning ability. So, they can cope up well with the heavy weight good as well. Moreover, they have good burst, tear, and tensile strength that make them a perfect option for the long distance shipping.

3. Malleability
These boxes can be hammered, re-shaped and cut easily and quickly. Thus, the packaging designers find it easy to create a wide range of corrugated boxes that vary in shape and size. Many manufacturing companies are offering a custom corrugated box designing service today. The major techniques adapted to make the boxes look appealing graphically are flexography and lithography.

4. Cost-effective
This is another major benefit of selecting these boxes in shipment packaging. Typically, they are purchased in bulk and you can find them easily at a retail price. These boxes are available in plentiful and supplied throughout the years by the vendors. Corrugated containers come at a highly cheap price.

5. Nature-Friendly
Corrugated material is recyclable so they can be reused and reshaped after a specific recycling process. Using these boxes for shipping and storage, not just make you contribute to the environment but may make your business a part of ‘Greener Economy’. Moreover, the materials used in manufacturing corrugated cartons are organic material and any harmful chemical isn’t being used in its making. Recycled boxes are available at extremely cheap prices which make it ideal for packaging needs.

6. No Pointed Corners
These boxes are not having sharp edges so you will not get pinched while arranging them in the shipment carrier or in the storage house. Also, you can easily create a pile of boxes without getting tensed about the damage.

7. Easy Labeling!
These shipping boxes boast of smooth surfaces meaning you can easily print stickers and labels on it. There are many stores selling printed shipping boxes these days, as it has turned out as an effective branding strategy for businesses.

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