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Shopping For Shipping Boxes? Things You Must Know Before You Buy

Regardless if you are moving your household stuff or business items, corrugated cardboard boxes are indispensable as packaging for the articles. There are many types and styles of cardboard shipping boxes available in the market. But it’s never like one size fits all. The selection of shipping boxes plays crucial role in determining the safety of your shipment.

Here are the top 5 things to consider while buying corrugated shipping boxes:

1. Ratings

Cardboard shipping boxes feature two standard industry measures: ECT (Edge Crush Test) rating, and BST (Burst Strength Test) rating. ECT rating tells how well a shipping box will do when stacked.

The higher the rating, the sturdier the box. And the BCT rating shows the weight bearing capacity of a shipping box. You will find these two ratings imprinted on the bottom flaps of the cardboard boxes.

Double wall shipping boxes are available in the market – they offer higher protection in comparison to single wall boxes. Choose the right boxes based on what’s being packed inside.

2. Size

The box size should be chosen such that product gets tightly fitted inside. If the box size is more than what is exactly required, it increases the chances of product damage during loading, unloading and shipping.

Mid-size boxes have minimum 32 ECT and 200 BCT as a rating, which is highly suitable for packing books, glasses, dishes, kitchenware, etc. Large shipping boxes are used in packaging of bulkier and large sized items. If your product is too large, not necessarily too heavy, you can ask the packaging supplier to provide you with extra large boxes that best fit your shipment.

3. Shape

If your shipment product is oddly shaped, buying from off-the-shelf square cardboard boxes won’t be a good idea. In such case, it is recommended that you go for custom box designing. Alternatively, if your product fits one of the conventional shapes, you can easily find the suitable shipping boxes in both brick-mortar and web based stores.

4. Specialty Boxes

If you want to stand out in the crowd and be different, specialty boxes are the answer; it is more important in e-commerce business to leave lasting impression on the shoppers’ mind. The specialty boxes are professionally designed for a specific product. Folding carton is one of the best examples of specialty boxes. Creative foldable boxes will not just look appealing, but also help you make the most of the space available in the shipping carrier.

5. Corner Protectors

They are made of either foam or cardboard material. They are invaluable when shipping fragile or slender products. They protect the shipment from the possible damages during shipping process.

You may also use foam inserts available off-the-shelf to protect the shipment from possible damages due to vibration of the carrier as well as while being manhandled; the foam inserts absorb vibrations during the shipping process.

Whether you want to buy a single piece or boxes in bulk, online stores are the best places to get top-quality, custom designed shipping boxes at the most affordable rates possible.

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