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Boost Profits Using Counter Top Display

Custom Counter-Top Display Boxes

If you own a retail store it is a must that every square inch of your shop is used to boost your business. This includes all available floor space and most especially your retail counter. By using the right counter top display, you can increase your profit in no time. Below are some tips that you can consider to make this happen:

Choose the right products

You cannot just put any item on your counter without carefully thinking about it. Remember that your number one goal for putting a counter top display is to make a sale. This means that you should only put items that are small, affordable, and used by many. In this way, your customers can readily pick them up without much thought. Surveys have shown that manufacturers of gums and candies as well as magazine companies rely heavily on impulse purchases for a huge bulk of their sales. You can think along this line.

Make your display boxes eye-catching and orderly

Pay special attention when you order your counter top display boxes. Its design should be enticing enough to catch the attention of your shoppers. It should also complement the overall design theme of your store and not go against it; otherwise, it will look out of place. Make sure that the most eye-catching boxes carry the items that you desperately want to sell. This way, your customers would be most drawn to it as they wait to pay for their purchases. Moreover, take the time to keep your display neat and in orderly. Shoppers would most likely ignore products that are not presented well.

Use your retail counter to advertise

If you have ongoing promotions, discounts, and other activities that you want your customers to know, your retail counter would be the best spot to put your signage. As your customers wait in line to pay for their purchase they can readily see what your store is currently offering. Make sure that your ads speak “we care enough to provide these things for you” message. People are naturally drawn to things that will benefit them, whether they are aware of it or not. Most importantly, make sure that your signs and posters look professional and appealing. Scribbled materials will never do the trick.

It is important to note that your retail counter is not just another area in your store but a point of purchase. If you are creative enough with your display boxes and use the tips mentioned above, you are on your way to better business.

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