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The Benefits of a Printed Display Box

Custom Counter-Top Display Boxes

There may have been a time when a box was a box, but that is not the case anymore. Boxes come in different sizes and shapes. They can come in different strengths and they can be covered with custom graphics. It is no longer just a matter of placing an order for boxes, a business needs to consider what the right box is. In many cases the right box would be a custom printed display box.

Printed Display Box

A display box is something that can hold the product inside so consumers can see it. These types of boxes do not have to be unpacked. They are simply opened and put into a place where customers will find them.

The display boxes can come in any size depending on the product they are holding. They can be designed to sit on a shelf or they can be a freestanding design. Business can order a few of these boxes or they can save money by ordering large quantities of custom cardboard display boxes. These are just some of the decisions that must be made when considering the use of these boxes.

Why Use Printed Display Box

While understanding what a custom printed display box is the first step, figuring out why they should be used is also important. There are several benefits to these types of boxes.

  • Ease of display – The boxes are designed to make it easier to display what is inside. Instead of having to take the product out of the box and create some type of display, these boxes have to be placed on the shelf and opened up. No extra work is needed.
  • Eye-catching Graphics – It is common to add custom graphics to the display boxes. The graphics can help make the display more visible to the consumers. The graphics may entice the consumer to purchase what is being displayed. When the boxes are in the right place, they can help increase sales.
  • Easy storage – Until the boxes are needed for use, they can be easily stored. They do not require more space than other boxes of the same size.

While some businesses may choose to use small quantities, there are plenty of businesses that can use large quantities of custom cardboard display boxes. The great thing about them is that they can create their own demand and that may be the reason that business will continue to make larger and larger orders of these display boxes.


  1. I can see why a store or company would want to use display boxes to advertise their products. Being able to design custom graphics to draw peoples attention could be really beneficial. I know I am drawn to crazy colors and designs so I bet this works for others too. Thanks for the read!