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Leverage Point of Purchase Displays

specialty product display box
In a retail setting, first impressions do last and the use of great point of purchase displays would be. An ACEEE Study shows that CFL sales increased by as much as 706% in four Arizona stores when the point of purchase displays shows a great idea at a discounted price. This was further supported by a Harvard Business Article that shows great increases in revenue, specifically KODAK, Atari and even Ford Motors, and that their clever use of point of purchase displays have helped them reach their target market demographic at lesser cost.

Cardboard pop displays are also a great way to get the attention of your market. These eye-catching displays are also immensely cost-effective. This is because they help not only in advertising but also in selling your product. The judicious use of cardboard pop displays would not only serve as an educational tool to inform the potential buyers of your product. They also serve as a crucial sales brochure material that may convince your target market to buy your product.

However, just putting up cardboard pop displays will not guarantee sales. Point of purchase displays needs to be strategically designed in order for them to be effective. Here are a few useful tips to apply.

  • Combine the power of both your packaging and point of purchase displays with a theme. By designing your cardboard pop displays similar to your containers, you are not just imprinting the product and container in the minds of the customers but are also attracting potential costumers to go to your product’s display space and get a second look.
  • Point of purchase displays are loved by retailers since they make shopping less drab and more fun, and you can use this as a negotiation card when extending your product contract with the retailer. By adding a break of the monotone panorama of products and price tags, you give your product a marketing edge. This will also help convince retailers to continue getting more of your product as their inventory, further increasing your revenue. Use this information to convince retailers to adopt your product.
  • Point of purchase displays can be used to streamline your distribution channels. Distribution channels and we are not just talking about general retailers like grocery stores but also merchandisers and specialty shops will have an anchor for the industry or product area using your point of purchase displays. By marking your heavily-contested area with your displays, distribution channels will not need to use a lot of human resources to help people get to where your products are located. Your cardboard pop displays will also function as a shopping landmark.

By using creative point of purchase displays, you can be assured of a better marketing edge. This advantage can increase your market share, which will bring more revenue and profit for your business.

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