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Boost Sales with a Cardboard Display

custom shipper display Energy xtension
A cardboard display is a wonderful way for a brand to promote its products and encourage shoppers in an outlet to make impulse purchases. They are a simple, affordable, and effective way to boost sales and market awareness of a brand. To ensure they work as desired, here are a few tips you should implement. 

Cardboard display eye-catching designs 

Though the design of most cardboard corrugated displays is simple, you can use color, imagery, and even light features to draw attention. Capturing the attention of shoppers is the goal of these displays. Once their interest is stirred, they will then become more inclined to read whatever information about the products is displayed and become tempted to make a purchase. Use a design that is ideally suited to the type of product you are trying to market and the atmosphere of the store. While bold colors with light features may be a good draw in family retail stores, the impact may not be as effective in more adult and high-end outlets.  

Simplified cardboard display

Do not go overboard with your design. A cardboard display is usually placed near the checkout counters. This is where shoppers will be idling as they wait for their turn. A simple but colorful display will attract their attention without appearing too overwhelming. Keeping the display clutter-free will allow onlookers to focus their attention. That is unless you are trying to attract another demographic like children who are more drawn to over-the-top displays.  

Another reason to keep the design simple is to allow for easy assembly. The last thing you want is for the store attendants or your merchandisers to struggle when it comes to putting together the display. The fewer pieces they must put together, the more easily they can have it quickly set up and draw attention. Complicated setups may discourage the employees from giving your display priority when they have other tasks they need to attend to.  

Stock sample sizes 

Customers are more easily tempted to try a product when it is sample or small-sized. A small size means they are unlikely to spend much on the product but still get to sample its goodness. This can happen even if they have bought a competitor’s products in massive quantities. The sample size will encourage them to give another brand a shot. Trying to push your product into large sizes is likely to cause prospective customers to avoid it as it will mean spending much more.  

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