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Reasons to Invest in Custom Die Cut Boxes

When manufacturing businesses are looking for a packaging solution that will appeal to end customers,
custom die cut boxes are often considered. As their name suggests, these boxes are tailored to meet the exact sizing specifications of the product for a perfect fit. The designs can take a variety of shapes, making them suitable for many types of products. Here are some key benefits that could make them your ideal packaging option.

Custom Die Cut Boxes Safety

Because custom die cut boxes are built around the specifications of the product, they ensure a snug fit. This boosts the protection of the product as it will not end up shifting about inside the box while in transit. Products that are placed in larger than necessary boxes that let them move about are more prone to becoming damaged. When goods are damaged, it becomes a financial loss as they must often be replaced at the cost of the supplier. They can also damage the reputation of the supplier as the situation delays when the client can make use of the product.  

Made of corrugated cardboard, they also ensure that there is added protection for fragile items. You can choose designs with added fluting that provides more shock absorption and can provide added protection from liquids and odors.  


Die-cut boxes are made of corrugated cardboard. This material is highly affordable to manufacture and replicate its design. Being a lightweight material, it is also very affordable to ship as it barely adds to the weight measured and used to price shipping. When you order die cut boxes wholesale, you can also often enjoy discounts that will further lower your cost of acquisition. 


Some businesses may not favor the idea of making bulk purchases of these boxes, because of storage concerns. Though when assembled for packing the boxes may take up considerable space, when unused they can be flattened and easily stored. Even a bundle of them is easy to shift or retrieve as the cardboard material makes them quite lightweight.  

Environmental Friendliness 

As die-cut boxes are made of cardboard, you can rest assured they will not harm the environment, even if they are carelessly disposed of. They do easily decompose and if in good condition, can also be recycled for making new cardboard products. Those that receive them can also opt to store them for later use, allowing the boxes to enjoy a longer working life before they need to be disposed of. 

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