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Printed Boxes and Brand Awareness

Imagine receiving a gift, and after tearing off the wrapping paper you find a box with a logo of an apple with a bite missing printed across the top. With no other information, you would likely become excited knowing this is an Apple product, perhaps an iPad or a MacBook. This brand awareness is due to the successful marketing of the Apple Company, and you can use similar skills in branding to get your company noticed by potential customers.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is defined as the extent to which a certain brand is recognized by consumers. It is one of the primary goals of an advertising campaign, and it focuses on the extent to which potential customers associate a brand with the products they want to purchase. Brand awareness is a vital part in the development of a brand, and this can help that brand to appear as unique and stand out from the competition.

Why is Brand Awareness Important?

Brand awareness is important for businesses because it can play an important role in the buying decision process of consumers. Knowing that a friend or acquaintance had purchased and used an item in the past can cause a consumer to decide in favor of that brand. Additionally, having a high recognition of a product through associations and advertisements may also coax a person into choosing that particular product the next time that they are shopping.

How Can Printed Boxes Help with Brand Awareness?

As a business, you want your packaging solution to stand out. Not only can your printed boxes make an impression on the customers who order your products, but you also have the opportunity to have them noticed by every person involved in the process of shipping and selling your items. Whether it’s the postal service worker, commercial warehouse worker, or retail salesperson who is looking at your packaging, by including a unique logo and design on your boxes, your brand will begin to be recognized by a wealth of potential buyers.

Using a printed box to increase your brand recognition can also help you to achieve one of your major business goals: to increase sales and make a profit. You are likely in the market to increase your customer base and to encourage repeat purchases, and printing your logo on your boxes can help you do just that. By working to build your brand through strategically marketing your boxes, you can improve your brand loyalty.

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