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Types of Custom Printed Die Cut Boxes

Die Cut Mailer

Custom printed die cut boxes
are designed by being cut in a specific detail according to the customer’s preference. They can be made by materials ranging from corrugated plastics to corrugated cardboards. The printing also depends on the customer’s preference as they can contain up to four colors. There are different types of die-cut boxes depending on what the customer needs or wants.

The ballot boxes are a die-cut box that has a drop slot in the top for people to submit entries and suggestions. This box is great for any type of contest or election style promotion. They are made small for a counter top or a Stand up style for events and trade shows which can be printed in 1-4 color process.

The mailers are a one-piece box with an attached, self-locking lid. They are ideal for promotional products for a company as direct mail pieces. Mailers lend a far more attractive and functional aspect to one’s product as they can easily be opened and closed without any damage. They are best for retail use and can be made with custom inserts to hold things.

The Gift Boxes are a promotional style of boxes which can be made of paperboard instead of fluted cardboard. They are the very high quality, and have some of the best finished looks to it. The materials range from corrugated board and paperboard. They are very popular with advertising agencies and promotional companies.

The bin boxes are the open tray-type boxes ideal for maximizing shelf space by organizing supplies, parts, magazines and newsletters. They can be customized to fit shelves no matter what is being put on them. They can also be color coded for easy viewing for assembly work and more.

The Suitcase boxes are self-closing briefcase-type box with a handle, ideal for trade shows and conventions. They can also be a unique twist on the conventional packaging. They can be custom printed with a range of one to four color process for a high end look and feel. They can be made in any size with a variety of plastic or cardboard handles.

The cut out wraps are types of die-cut boxes made from a one piece blank with all four corners “cut out”. The outer flaps are made in a way that they meet in the center of the box. It is another way to mail one’s product, similar in a sense to a custom rsc box. The box is great for shipping anything from picture frames and cables to books or filters.

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