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What is a Custom Setup Box?

Custom setup boxes are one of our specialties. They provide elegance for any product as well as unbeatable durability. Cactus manufactures all of their own boxes all of which are only limited by your own thoughts and creativity. Our team of designers is eagerly waiting to assist you with creating a box that meets your specified criteria so your products will always arrive safely and in style. A custom setup box is considered one of the higher end products in the packaging world and are comparable to those similar to the ones that games come in.

These labor free boxes add a level of ease when it comes to packaging products. Your product will simply fit within the box perfectly and be ready for shipping! Setup boxes do not require any assembly time or extra materials such as packaging tape or glue. Their durability will keep the most fragile items safe, but will also add some aftermarket value to the items contained within. A logo can simply be added by using our lithographic phase, which in turn can be used during your marketing and sales phases. People tend to purchase products that come in a nicer package. Setup boxes are appealing to look at, give the consumer a place to store the item and are not plain to look at.

Buying in bulk for any product will save money and here at Cactus, small quantities are another specialty of ours. We are able to produce high quality products at a fraction of the cost because the custom made boxes and mailing tubes are manufactured on site. Check out all of the different packaging supplies and custom boxes we have to offer. Over the past 30+ years we have accrued quite an inventory of products that we have to offer. From shipping boxes to die-cut boxes, specialty boxes and fiber tubes, these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to packaging supplies.

Knowing how important the initial layout and design of your packaging ideas is to your particular product’s recognition, our graphic design team works hard to create the best product to meet your needs. You have now become part of the family and we will work with you from the beginning of the brainstorming phase all the way to the point of sale. So start letting the creative juices flow and connect with Cactus to create your perfect custom box design.

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