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Benefits of Custom Designed Mailing Tubes

Cactus Corrugated offers a wide variety of custom designed mailing tubes and boxes for any packaging needs that you or your business may need. The selection of mailing tubes and boxes that we have offer you a plethora of choices that are necessary for you to make the wisest decision about your packaging/shipping, storing and protection of your products. Our highly skilled and experienced staff can and will guide you through the process of selecting and creating the perfect mailing tube that is specifically designed towards meeting and exceeding your shipping goals in an efficient and cost effective manner.

No matter the dimensions or specifications that you and/or your business require, Cactus Corrugated can offer you the perfect tube or custom printed mailing box that is ideal for your packaging requirements. This does include the diameter and length, thickness, color, plastic or metal caps, printed or plain tubes, as well as the ends being open ended, crimped, telescopic or triangular.

Our graphic design team and structural design team work in conjunction to our professional sales team and are all a pertinent part to the creation of your secure, marketable, and economic packing solution. Being able to offer custom designed mailing tubes and printed mailing boxes will greatly enhance any business by creating a more attractive, cost effective and secure package for their products. The years of experience that we have underneath our belt can guarantee the best choice for your desired end product. Perhaps a special occasion is about to arise, designs can be printed upon these mailing tubes and boxes to create a unique way to send a gift/present.

Let us do all of the legwork, from inception to production of the perfect mailing tubes and printed boxes for your specific needs. Be comforted in the fact that your products will be stored and shipped in an economical fashion whilst maintaining a level of safety that regular tube and boxes cannot offer. Cactus Corrugated has a wide variety of options to choose from for any need that you may have to be met. Another great benefit to our tubes is that they are durable enough to be continuously used which in turn will save money and lower cost allowing high quality service while maintaining a budget. Our printed tubes can also be created to look as though they are a high end product by utilizing a 4 color lithographic label.

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