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Custom Printed Die Cut Boxes and Their Uses

When you are considering a shipping container for a box that isn’t your typical shaped box, think of a die cut box. Die cut boxes are probably some the most versatile boxes available. These boxes are precisely cut in the shape you desire for the best packaging of your product. In addition to having a unique shape to your packaging, you can customize your die cut box with your company’s artwork, logo or special design.

Custom printed die cut boxes can be used for a variety of purposes. Gift boxes are a popular die cut box with many companies. Does your product need to have a triangle shaped gift box? What about products from a dentist’s office that the dentist wants packaged in a gift box shaped like a tooth? No problem. The shape can be made to fit any unusual shaped product and the promotional value the company receives from custom printing the box with its information is priceless.

Custom printed mailing boxes are another type of die cut box. These boxes are normally one piece of cardboard that when folded has an attached lid. They are attractive to the customer and functional as well. These mailing boxes can be opened and closed repeatedly with damaging the box, maintaining your products professional look. Mailers are normally made with corrugated cardboard and can be laminated for a glossy shine that will make the colors pop.

One interesting die cut box is a suitcase box. This looks just like what is sounds like; a suitcase. The suitcase box can be made from chipboard or corrugated cardboard and when folded has the shape of a suitcase. There is even an attachable handle. The box is versatile as it can be opened and closed and is convenient when bringing products to and from customers or shows.

A ballot box is another example of a die cut box. The box, when folded has a drop slot for ballots in the top and can have a stand up edge in the back for any artwork regarding the reason for the ballots. These ballot boxes come in many sizes from a stock box being roughly 5” all around to a floor model that can be 30” or so tall.

Versatility and packaging for uniquely shaped products are what the die cut box excels in. Adding your own company flair will give you a custom print die cut box to stand a cut above the rest.

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