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Types of Printed Foldable Boxes and Their Uses

Folding boxes are perfect in many situations and can be custom made to suit the exact requirements of the customer. Printed foldable boxes are not only an extremely useful addition for your business storage and point of sale requirements, but also an incredibly efficient and cost effective piece of marketing materials.

Folding boxes are die-cut to requirements (with folds to help you out) and supplied to the customer flat, the customer can then assemble the boxes as and when required. Don’t worry, these boxes are designed to be assembled quickly and easily without a degree in origami!

First of all it makes delivery of the folding boxes much easier – you can supply a large number of printed foldable boxes in one single stack, which, once put together may take up a large amount of space. That’s the other magical property of folding boxes – they need a relatively small amount of storage space and can be assembled and used as and when required.

At Cactus Containers we have a number of different types and styles of folding boxes to choose from. Plain and printed foldable boxes are available in various sizes to suit your individual requirements.

Smaller folding boxes are very popular at fast food outlets – this type of box is specifically manufactured using only food grade board so that they are completely safe and hygienic and can be printed with your company name, logo, graphics or indeed the food which will be stored inside of them. Just stop and think for a moment and you’ll realize that this type of food container is literally, everywhere.

Printed foldable boxes are also heavily utilized in the toy and game industry – these will often have the addition of an acetate window so that you can quickly and easily see the toy or game which is packaged within the box. These can create a fabulous and stylish packaging choice for many different types of dolls and games.

Folding boxes can be made in different grades of materials depending upon what the box is to be used for. Food storage boxes need to be manufactured from food grade materials and will probably have a folding lid attached so that the food can be kept as warm as possible. Some other types of printed foldable boxes may not need to be made from such robust card or materials – simple packaging for toys, balls etc. need not use such heavy quality materials.

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